Oliver Cabell: Challenging the Status Quo, One Shoe at a Time
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Oliver Cabell: Challenging the Status Quo, One Shoe at a Time

October 11, 2022 Share

Oliver Cabell is challenging the way we shop luxury — retaining the quality but keeping the prices fair and accessible.

If you’re going to splurge on something, let that something be shoes. They are the one thing that tops off an outfit, that can make or break a look or ruin your day if they happen to be uncomfortable. And whilst we all have the brands we worship and love religiously, there’s nothing wrong with venturing outside our comfort zone in pursuit of a different pair of shoes. Cue in Oliver Cabell, bringing in designer quality for a fraction of the price and ten times the comfort.

Image courtesy of Oliver Cabell

With an extreme focus on quality, Cabell shoes are made with the finest Italian leather and Margom outsoles. The distinctive factor? An undeniable challenge of the status quo which brings retail mark-up prices down and keep their shoes as accessible luxury.

In may this year, Balenciaga released a pair of dirty sneakers; honing a trend which has been going on for years with the pre-scuffed Gucci shoes of 2018 or some of Demna’s work for Vêtements. Cabell opts for a similar marketing strategy, showcasing some of their shoes as dirty to give the buyer an idea of how their footwear can age over time. The court sea salt pair, for example, ages but retains its pristine black leather tag in the rear end. The Low 1 Wotherspoon already looks like it is made out of patchwork, with one of the seems exaggeratedly made to look like it has been sewn together.

Image courtesy of Oliver Cabell
Image courtesy of Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell doesn’t limit itself only to shoes. They have also ventured into the realm of accessories, selling quality jewellery which features chains in silver and gold, as well as elegant looking bracelets such as the Alan Cuff. Their clothing line also offers a large variety of basics, always modern and clean cut to be accessorised with one of their many wallets, phone cases and socks. There is truly nothing the brand has not ventured and mastered, making it perfect for the one-stop shopper (which, lets face it, it would be all of us if we could, right?).

In other words, Oliver Cabell is the one-stop shop for luxury that sells at a fair price but retaining the quality.

Image courtesy of Oliver Cabell

What more could you possibly want?

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