Old Enough — The Netflix Show Causing an Uproar on Twitter
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Old Enough — The Netflix Show Causing an Uproar on Twitter

April 20, 2022 Share

The Netflix series Old Enough has taken the internet by storm with viewers taking to Twitter to claim it’s irresponsible while others say it’s great television.

The show, known as Hajimete no Otsukai or My First Errand in Japanese, follows two- to five-year-old children as they attempt to run errands. This makes for some interesting television.

Although the show has been on Japanese television for years, Netflix has procured streaming rights and introduced it to the wider world.

A toddler playing, Old Enough watches toddlers complete adult-like errands around town.
Old Enough has mere toddlers running errands across town. Credit: Krakenimages

“Old Enough is the most wholesome show you’ve ever seen — in this unscripted series, Japanese toddlers (ages 2-5) are sent on simple errands to help their parents and the results are just so pure,” the streaming giant tweeted about its new programme.

Another Twitter user claimed, “it is the best reality show of all time.”

However, some users called the show irresponsible. Although the children are on their own, they are being watched by a hidden camera and a cameraman filming their antics.

A Netflix office at sunset. The series Old Enough has taken Twitter by storm.
The Netflix show Old Enough has taken Twitter by storm. Credit: Venti Views

“No way in hell that I’m letting my BABY, go off like that ALONE. Would consider if the kid was like TEN. I don’t get how people can be impressed by this,” one user tweeted.

Another aspect of the show that has shocked people is the children’s ability to actually complete the errands.

In Netflix’s preview of the show, a two year and nine-month-old boy walks one kilometre each way to pick up a curry, fish cakes and some flowers.

“Bruh. I could send my 13yr old to Kroger and I bet his ass would get lost,” quipped one Twitter user.

Old enough has toddlers crossing towns for groceries. Pictured: A stack of playing blocks.
Could your toddler make it to the shop to buy groceries? Credit: Markus Spiske

It’s obvious that the show has caused a debate over whether these kids are ‘old enough’ to actually be doing the tasks in the show — especially things like crossing busy roads.

Either way, it certainly makes for an interesting watch.

Overall, in this writer’s opinion, the show ends up being incredibly wholesome and a great way to unwind from the stresses of adult life. It isn’t serious, and the kids seem to be followed by cameramen and women who will make sure they are safe.

The show is punctuated by cheeky Japanese commentary poking fun at the toddlers — but this doesn’t come off mean or with any malice.

It does leave me wondering, would we go for this with our kids in the West? I don’t have an answer to that but I would recommend giving Old Enough a watch.

It isn’t for everyone, but its light-hearted and creative take might have you rooting for these toddlers as they run errands around town.

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