New York’s Entrepreneurial It Couples
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New York’s Entrepreneurial It Couples

March 17, 2021 Share

Who wouldn’t love to be one half of a bonafide power couple?

If there’s one thing that everyone wants from a relationship, it’s to feel that there’s always someone right there with you, celebrating your successes as you celebrate theirs. It’s a formula that seems to work brilliantly for these three New York couples, who have carved out their own fantastic careers in their own right and worked together to build an empire as a team. 

If it sounds like they’re living the dream, it might be because they are! DDW would like to introduce you to three of New York’s entrepreneurial It-couples.

Matt Charles & Michelle Madonna

A kingpin of New York hospitality, Matt Charles is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Golden Age Hospitality. Over the course of his career, he has overseen the opening and operation of some of New York’s most popular bars and hotels, including The Roof at Viceroy and Madison Avenue’s The New York EDITION and Public NYC, all of which have earned countless accolades and awards. Working at the helm of the food and drink output of these venues, he takes a hands-on approach in ensuring that they perform at their very best, delighting every guest with a fantastic experience. 

Meanwhile, Matt’s wife Michelle Madonna has carved out her own successful business as a leading Instagram influencer and blogger! With over 230,000 followers across her social media, Michelle has become recognised by fans around the world for her glamorous sense of style. She’s also the founder of the That Madonna Girl blog, where she writes regularly about fashion and travel for her legions of dedicated readers. Be sure to head over to her Instagram page to take a look at the sweet snaps she shares with followers of the couple’s adorable French bulldog, Magnolia – who seems to have a wardrobe to rival her mom’s!

The couple tied the knot in 2018 in an enviously beautiful ceremony, exchanging vows at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, before partying with guests at the St. Regis – and we’re sure the groom will have made sure that the food and drinks on offer were to die for! 

Mario Carbone & Cait Bailey

Cait Bailey is the publicist behind some of social media’s biggest stars, including TikTok sweethearts Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, and is a well-known expert in her field. If there’s an article pondering the changing landscape of social media, informing you of the latest and greatest internet trends or asking what the future holds for the world’s influencers, you can bet that Cait has been reached for comment!

As for her husband Mario, he’s a celebrated chef and restauranteur. His namesake restaurant, Carbone, has become a firm favourite among visitors to the Thompson Street dining spot, allowing him to go on to open two more branches in Hong Kong and Las Vegas. He’s also the co-founder of Major Food Group, the operation behind some of the city’s other best-loved restaurants, including Dirty French, Santina and Parm. The company are looking to bring ‘multi-dimensional, immersive experiences’ to diners across NYC and beyond with their chain of ‘culturally and historically-inspired’ restaurants.

While the pair both have incredibly demanding careers, a glance at Cait’s Instagram shows that they always make time to enjoy each other’s company when they can – and they do so in some truly beautiful locations, having travelled the world together. 

Adam Fulton & Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

Adam and Cyndi met years ago, while Cyndi was working as a waitress at a popular NYC nightclub where Adam was a business partner. However, they didn’t make things official until they reconnected years later.

These days, however, Cyndi’s waitressing days are well and truly over. She’s the CEO of the salon, spa and wellness hub, Chillhouse, which has grown to be something of an empire in the years since she founded the company – as well as its flagship location in Soho, Chillhouse operates ventures further afield, such as wellness pop-ups out in celebrity summer hang-out Montauk.

Adam, meanwhile, is still in the nightlife industry – yet he’s far more than just a partner in the business these days. He’s currently the man at the helm of The Garret, a successful chain of New York cocktail bars, and is the co-founder of digital agency Front Of House Creative. Together, the pair are a part of the Den Hospitality team, an umbrella company which covers both of their individual ventures. 

The pair married in a gorgeous farmhouse wedding ceremony in 2016, welcoming their adorable son, Hendrix, soon after. It’s the sort of love story that many of us dream of experiencing for ourselves!

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