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Keep A Clean Phone & Donate

The Must-Have Accessory For These Times

Global Giving x Casetify

Paranoid? We prefer to call it health conscious. Governments all over the world have joined the WHO’s calling for increased levels of sanitation, cleanliness and compulsive hand-washing to curb the spread of the Covid pandemic. However, few have addressed the fact that our mobile (cell) phones are one of the biggest culprits in spreading germs straight from our mouths and hands to and from public surfaces (restaurant tables, public transport, etc).

Luckily, the trend-forward designers at Casetify have come up with the perfect solution, a UV sanitiser for your phone. Not only does this genius gadget destroy  99.9% of all germs that live on a phone surface, 100% of the proceeds go to Global Giving’s Corona Virus Relief Fund. The fund sends medical responders to communities in need sending essential supplies to hospitals and clinics, feeding children that rely on school meals, and much more.

Get this uber slick-looking device here and learn more about Global Giving’s relief fund here.

Whilst you’re at it, check out some of Casetify’s fashion-favourite phone, headphone and laptop case collabs with brands like BAPE, DHL, and Vetements.

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