Movies That Will Instantly Make You Feel Better
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Movies That Will Instantly Make You Feel Better

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There’s nothing quite like watching a movie when you’ve got the blues. Here’s a list of some of the best ones to get you back up-and-running.

It is important to take out time for a lighthearted movie once in a blue moon in order to brighten your gloomy days and lighten the mood, as we live in an extremely stressful world after all. The comparisons, the competition, and the exceedingly high standards really suck out all the energy from us and leave us mentally drained, and sometimes all we need to do is watch movies to feel better. Trust us. 

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To distract ourselves from the harsh realities of life, we turn to the gym, the shopping mall, or the movies. Watching a feel-good movie is the perfect option – it doesn’t require much effort and you instantly feel elated. All you need is a reliable cable service like Cox cable in your life that gives you access to countless channels… and you are good to go. The dark stratus clouds roaming around your head begins to settle and your soul rejuvenates.

So we’ve already established there’s nothing quite like feel better movies to elevate your spirits, whether it’s a rom-com like Leap Year or Holidate to watch while curled up in bed, or animated movies like Tangled, Coraline, and Enchanted to accompany you while you sit with a takeout in your pyjamas. 

We can all agree that joy, laughter, and singing make life better. So just to make your day better, we have enlisted all the incredible movies in this article. So sit back, relax and start planning the perfect movie night. Have fun!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

15-year-old Charlie, the lovable and innocent outsider, encounters a number of horrible incidents in this interesting film that will keep you glued to your TV screens. This young teenager tries to navigate his way through life while simultaneously fighting his mental illness and keeping up with his first love played by Emma Watson.  

The suicide of his best friend really leaves him devastated and he becomes even quieter and shyer. The shy freshman is welcomed into the real world by Sam and Patrick, who take him under their wing. But as he approaches one of them, his fears and trauma from the past reappear. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is outstanding because of its astounding depth. We adore how it is both simple and difficult at the same time. 

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This is 40

This movie revolves around the life of a married couple who are excited to see to enter a new decade (their 40s). They are both excited and nervous to start this new chapter of their lives however as they approach their anniversary, the bitter reality of life hits them. They learn that their children dislike each other, their work life is being distorted and they are very near to losing their beloved home. 

And let’s not forget the worst part, their relationship is falling apart too. However, don’t get depressed just now. The aim of this film is not to ruin your mood and make you feel sad. In fact, the movie is a light-hearted take on the realities of life. After five years of marriage, it depicts a couple’s domestic journey as they deal with romance, parents, and kids in their unique (often destructive) ways.

Lola Igna

In contrast to many previous films about elderly individuals confronting death, this one features an older woman who is eager to depart for good. The rude and obstinate Lola Igna is prepared to pass away, but all her friends in her neighborhood want her to surpass her own grandmother as the oldest living woman.

Lola Igna’s unconventional take on dying is subdued and overtly romantic. According to her, a story that starts out satisfying before turning conflicted as characters realize how much more needs to be said and done is more likely to succeed. What do you think about this?

Runaway bride

This movie has a very interesting story. Our favorite Julia Roberts plays the role of a bride who tries her best to run away from her wedding in various instances. Due to this reason, people start calling her the Runaway Bride. She attracts the attention of a handsome reporter named Richard Gere, who tries his best to track her down because she is frequently in the tabloids.

What could possibly go wrong with his ambition to land a quality interview and her propensity to dump a bunch of fiancés at the altar?

The Women

The main character of this movie is Mary Haines who is shocked to learn about her husband’s affair with an attractive girl named Allen at the perfume shop. She tries her best to make up her mind to leave her husband but fails all the time. 

However, she does have a strong support system that backs her up whenever she decides to let go. This support system consists of her very loyal, unapologetic, and cool besties who put some sense into her, and together with their help, she finds Allen and takes the decision, that she feels is right for her mental health. 

In addition to her other talents, Haines is a gifted fashion designer who makes time to invest her energy in her profession and career before it’s crunch time. It’s an enjoyable film with a believable and moving story at its center.

All of the movies mentioned in this article will surely get you to feel better. Just get up, call your besties and invite them over to watch some movies to get you to feel better. We promise these movies will remove all your sorrows and will make you happy all over again.

Go through this article and thank us later. 

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