Manifestation Techniques: Using The 369 Method for Abundance
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Manifestation Techniques: Using The 369 Method for Abundance

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Unveiling Manifestation’s Modern Evolution: Explore the 369 Process, a Practice Rooted in Numerology and Personal Transformation.

Typing “manifestation” into your TikTok search bar comes up with an endless scroll of personalities, the majority of whom are women, explaining the intricacies of what has become the cultural phenomenon of manifestation. Whilst a few years back it might have been something reserved for the more spiritual amongst us, social media shows us that it is now a practice adopted by anyone, and everyone, looking to change the way they live.

Whilst a great deal of manifesting revolves around visualization and understanding one’s inner desires, there are techniques and practices to help the process. One such technique is the 369 process.

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What is the 369 Process?

The 369 process has an interesting backstory. It was invented by Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor of the remote control, which also happened to be the discoverer of radio waves. For Tesla, the numbers 3, 6 and 9 were what he described as “divine numbers”, spiritually significant in terms of human nature and the universe. This belief that numbers pose a significant spiritual meaning is known as numerology, a practice which is paired with the Law of Attraction for the 369 manifestation technique.

Within the realm of numerology, the number 369 holds a deeply poignant significance. Referred to by some as an “angel number,” it emerges as a sequence of digits in the most unassuming of contexts — be it the duration of your treasured song or the cost of your morning coffee. In the esoteric sphere, encountering a specific number sequence repeatedly may signify an attempt at communication from angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, or even a heightened state of your personal consciousness.

So How Does it Actually Work?

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The 369 manifestation technique is in fact remarkably simple. It works through an affirmation, that is, a positive statement to reinforce something you want. An affirmation could be something like “I am worthy of success and abundance”, or “I have freedom to create any future I want”. Note that although it is often easy to phrase affirmations as goals, they are much more powerful if used as affirmative sentences, meaning phrases that start with “I have” or “I am” as opposed to “I want”.

Your chosen affirmation is then to be repeated three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before sleep.

These three pivotal moments of affirmation are strategically timed to engage with your mind during distinct states of consciousness. The initial moment takes place right after awakening, effectively framing the rest of your day for positive achievements. Positioned during the midday, a period of peak mental productivity, the affirmations resurface. Lastly, the final round coincides with bedtime, capitalizing on the heightened receptivity of our subconscious mind during this phase.

Image courtesy of Conscious Design

In a world where manifestation has evolved into a cultural phenomenon accessible to all, the 369 process emerges as a great starting point for those looking to delve deeper into the practice. The sequence of repeating affirmations, a simple yet potent practice, finds its rhythm in the day’s transitions: three times at dawn, six times at noon, and nine times before slumber. As these affirmations sync with the ebb and flow of consciousness, they unlock the potential for transformation, bridging the mundane with the profound, and allowing us to tap into deeper currents of existence.

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