L’Estrange and the Hyper-convenience of Male Fashion
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L’Estrange and the Hyper-convenience of Male Fashion

September 14, 2022 Share

L’Estrange is about fashion without the fuss — designed to bring versatility and modularity to the modern man’s wardrobe without sacrificing the most important element of all; style.

You want a croissant? Tap a few buttons on your phone and you’ve got it. Some forgotten medicine from the pharmacy? Easy, they’ll deliver it. Your coffee machine broke? Amazon it. Currently, everything you might want is never more than a few shipping days away. We live in a world of hyper-convenience, where most products have been simplified to a minimum to be as hassle free as we can humanly compute. That is every product, except clothes. Designed in London but crafted in their European factories, L’Estrange wants to seep that versatility — that seems to take over every other aspect of our lives — into our wardrobes.

Model wearing the L’Estrange Open Shirt. Image courtesy of L’Estrange
Model wearing one of the 24 Trousers. Image courtesy of L’Estrange

At L’Estrange, clothes are designed to be kept at a minimum. For example, they offer 24 different trousers, produced in Italy with organic cotton, and suitable for both smart and casual occasions. The shirts are pretty much the same situation; they are mostly collarless but elegant, wearable to work and equally for a relaxed late-summer brunch. The trend continues with the over-shirts, which if worn open look laid-back, but buttoned up feel a lot smarter.

L’Estrange likes to call this modular, meaning outfits can be combined with ease and practically limitless combinations and it will almost always look good. We could not agree more. The variations of colour, quality of fabrics and elegance of couture make the brand an ideal go-to for the modern man.

Model wearing over-shirt and trousers. Image courtesy of L’Estrange
Re_Fresh Tablets. Image courtesy of L’Estrange

But despite the cleverness of designing a simplified wardrobe that ticks all the sustainability and convenience boxes, L’Estrange’s most admirable pursuit was what they have called the Re_Fresh Tablet, a product they claim “that works to return worn clothes to their former glory using pioneering technology never before accessible to consumers“.

This not only doubles a clothes’ lifeline, but reduces 15kg of CO2e on washing – an equivalent of almost three return trips London to Paris on the Eurostar. Paired with this enzyme magic, L’Estrange is also launching a collection named Re_Work, made up of clothes returned by customers or that fail quality inspections.

As we edge closer towards our upcoming winter, shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in renewing their wardrobes. With fashion brands like L’Estrange, we hope this stops becoming a yearly occurrence, as we delve deeper into a hopefully more sustainable, practical and environmental future in the world of fashion.

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