Jiri Kalfar Combines Tradition & Sustainability With AW20 Collection ‘Eden/Eden’
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Jiri Kalfar Combines Tradition & Sustainability With AW20 Collection ‘Eden/Eden’

February 26, 2020 Share
Jiri Kalfar

Czech fashion spremo Jiri Kalfar(s) designs have graced every major fashion publication, from L’Officiel to Vogue. His latest show at LFW was one of the most hotly anticipated tickets of the week, with many awaiting not only to see what marvelous designs he would bring but also which of his celebrity followers would make the infamous ‘front row’ at the British Academy

Taking inspiration from the Garden of Eden, Kalfar’s Autumn Winter collection showcased his latest demi-couture sustainable looks that both hinted at the tradition and elegance of the past with a unique blend of traditional embroidery and hand-stitching and a modern-world look at the sustainability-focused design.

The catwalk was set across three elegant Palladian rooms where the face-covered models draped in a spectrum of pinks, greens and browns made their way around flaunting gowns with animal markings and floral patterns. 

Met with raucous applause, the show ended with Jiri Kalfar taking a well-deserved bow. Purple lights then flooded the room and champagne was served to a room of influencers and fashion stalwarts for a decadent afterparty.

Jiri Kalfar
Jiri Kalfar
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