January 2024 Top TikTok Trends
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January 2024 Top TikTok Trends

January 31, 2024 Share

Get down with the cool kids with January’s most prominent TikTok trends: your monthly content creation inspiration.

As the calendar flips to February 2024, the digital world continues its whirlwind dance with TikTok, the platform that has reshaped the landscape of social media and popular culture. TikTok, a name synonymous with viral videos and global trends, has evolved from a burgeoning app to a cultural powerhouse, influencing everything from fashion and music to societal norms and political discourse. But what is it about TikTok trends that captures the world’s imagination and keeps millions scrolling for hours?

So, what’s capturing the TikTok world’s attention as we leave January behind? Join us as we delve into the trends that are setting TikTok, and consequently Gen-Zs alight.

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Trending Music

Every record label knows this by now; a trending TikTok song snippet is the fastest and most effective way to the Billboards. With several unknown talent being discovered this precise way, it is no surprise that already established artists are channeling their audience this way too.

In January, our eyes and ears steer towards Loving on Me by Jack Harlow, Greedy by Tate McRae, Houdini by Dua Lipa, or Prada by Block Europe.

Trending Keywords

Keywords are to TikTok what hashtags were to Twitter. This month, besides the more standard ones (FYP, TikTok SEO or BookTok), trends are veering towards girlhood and the gym. As always, there’s a strong presence of beauty related keywords, as well as ‘old money aesthetics’. We thank the release of Saltburn for the latter.

Trending… ‘things’

Yes Yes Photo Carrousel Alert


Aloha, yes, yes photo carousel trend alert! Easy and lazy content idea for ya! #trendingontiktok #tiktoktrending #newtrending #alohayesyes #greenscreen

♬ original sound – RatedReli

This simple trend consists of two photographs, posted in carousel format. The first photograph is captioned ‘aloha a yes yes’, and photo two captions ‘____ do it best, yes’.

Blank is to be filled with whatever niche or topic you’re into.

AI Self Trend

Remember all of the apps that promised to deliver photographs of yourself in business attire to replace your mildly disappointing LinkedIn photograph? The apps you would download only to find out you actually had to pay to use them? TikTok has a new feature which allows you to do just this…. for free. People are taking this into their own hands and, of course, made an entire trend out of it.

‘This is Not a Banger’ Trend

A clip from an old Wayne County Lyfe YouTube video, where he rants about ‘Monster Mash’, has made a comeback on TikTok. Users are repurposing the sound to voice their opinions on various topics.

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