Industries That Billionaires Are Investing In For 2022
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Industries That Billionaires Are Investing In For 2022

December 30, 2021 Share

With Elon Musk leading the billionaire pack, it’s no wonder the future is looking more bright – or is it? From the metaverse, technology and services to over the top Bitcoin prices, here is what the rich are investing in this year.

This year the United States startups raised almost 240 million dollars. You would think that most of them got rich from investments and technology but the industries billionaires are investing in are more diversified than you think.

So, where are the wealthy placing their bets in 2022 and how can you join in on all the fun?

Immortality – Because Billionaires Are Superbeings 


We all know that anti-ageing startups are on the rise, with all these so-called creams and potions that dissolve our wrinkles and imperfections on the go, it’s no wonder we haven’t melted away ourselves. 

However, billionaires are looking into how to increase their lifespan so they can live longer to enjoy the wealth they’ve created and to create some more of course.

No – seriously. In fact, did you know what Jeff Bezos is doing after stepping down as Amazon’s CEO?

Investing in Alto Lab — A startup that aims to use biotechnology to make people younger.

Last October, a large group of scientists made their way to Yuri Milner’s super-mansion in the Los Altos Hills above Palo Alto. It was here that Milner, the Russian-born billionaire gathered together a few powerful people to take his love for science in a whole new direction.

According to Technology Review the new company, incorporated in the US and the UK earlier this year, will establish several institutes in places including the Bay Area, San Diego, Cambridge, UK and Japan.

They are currently recruiting a large supply of university scientists with the promise to provide naturally lavish salaries.

The Space Industry – A Race For Billionaires To Plant The Golden Flag

New York Times

Speaking of Jeff Bezos, let’ not forget about the continuous billionaire space race that will be spilling over into 2022. 

Space travel as an industry? Now that’s something worth talking about. From Richard Branson to Elon Musk, the race is on.

Just a few months back the oldest person to enter space -Star Trek actor William Shatner made history in the up and coming space race. 

The 90-year-old blasted off from Texas on a Blue Origin rocket – the space company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The company aims to attract regular paying customers in the future and had its maiden space tourism flight on 20 July, when Bezos and three others flew to the edge of space.

At a slick media event in Washington in May 2019, billionaire Jeff Bezos announced that his rocket company, Blue Origin, is developing a moon lander that could deliver cargo and astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024.

But going to the moon is just the beginning of his vision. What he wants to do, Bezos declared, is find a new home in space for our species.

Investing In Cyber Security 

Express Computer

Here’s another fun fact — The cost of cybercrime in 2021 alone is around $6 Trillion according to Forbes.

With more advancing technology comes more online scammers and theft – oh and probably more finger-pointing at good American media magnate, Mark Zuckerburg.

It’s estimated that the global spending on Cyber Security will increase by 7-14 per cent in the next five years and will most likely go even higher in the future.

The industries don’t stop there. Retail, services and real estate, the EV industry and of course the most talked about cryptocurrencies are also high on the list. 

Billionaires are investing their money into big industries, futuristic ones and ones that seem almost impossible. 

2022 is going to prove to us once more how time, energy and a huge chunk of wealth will push our society into a worldly digital unknown. 

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Author: Michelle Laver