How to BS Your Way Through a Meeting You Know Nothing About
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How to BS Your Way Through a Meeting You Know Nothing About

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Here’s the lowdown on how to bluff your way through a meeting you know absolutely nothing about, and still look in control.

You’re about to lead a meeting and your preparation is as solid as a chocolate teapot. You should have noticed the Zoom calendar invite or those 16 Slack messages from your boss, but you didn’t. Mistakes happen. And if mistaken you are, here’s your lifeline to bluff your way through and emerge like a swan – poised and graceful, even if you’re paddling madly underwater.

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Step 1: Channel Your Inner Chameleon

First up, morph into the vibe of the meeting. Is it formal? Mental suit and tie, engaged. Casual? Channel your inner zen master. Adaptability is your new best friend.

Step 2: Vagueness Is Your Secret Weapon

Use phrases like: “I’m eager to hear everyone’s thoughts on this” or “Let’s ensure we’re all on the same page. Could someone give a brief overview?”

When in doubt, be as vague as a weather forecast. Hit them with reflective questions like, “That’s fascinating, but how does it tie into our grand scheme?” This not only deflects but also clues you in on what’s actually happening.

Step 3: The Artful Dodge

Use phrases like: “What are our competitors doing about this?” and “Charlie, have I gotten this right? Could you elaborate?”.

Someone throws a curveball question? Toss it to a teammate. “You know, Alex might have some killer insights on this.” You’re not avoiding; you’re showcasing team spirit. (Wink, wink.)

Step 4: Buzzwords: Handle with Care

Use words like leverage, pain points, optimise, alignment, synergy or streamline.

Buzzwords are like hot sauce – a little goes a long way. Sprinkle a “synergy” here, a “streamline” there, but don’t overseason. You want to sound savvy, not like you swallowed a corporate jargon handbook.

Step 5: The ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

If things get too hot, pull the ‘urgent call’ card – but sparingly. Overuse it, and you’ll be the one who always had a “thing” when things got real.

Step 6: Homework Time

Post-meeting, hit the books. Reflect, research, and ready yourself for next time. Today’s bluff is tomorrow’s brilliance.

Conclusion: Nailing the Tightrope Act

Leading a meeting sans prep is a high-wire act – thrilling, but don’t look down. Stay cool, think quick, and let these tips be your safety net. Remember, even those with the most experience can get thrown off balance – it’s all about how you dance on that wire.

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