Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo — Monaco’s Best Hotel
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Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo — Monaco’s Best Hotel

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Monaco — this country within a country is known for its luxury casinos, high-end restaurants and hotels and, of course, the Monaco Grand Prix.

Possibly the most demanding track in Formula One, the Circuit du Monaco forms part of the Triple Crown of Motorsports alongside the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This event isn’t just about racing, however. It’s about living it up in style in one of the most elite cities on Earth.

Part of the Grand Prix racecourse next to a building.
The Grand Prix is held in Monaco. Credit: Filipp Romanovski

So, you’ve booked your ticket to Monaco but where should you stay? Monaco has some of the world’s most luxurious hotels but one stands above the rest — the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo.   

Sitting in the heart of Monaco, this hotel is iconic. The five-star hotel has everything you would want from Michelin-starred restaurants to Operas and, of course, casinos.

The Casino de Monte Carlo may be the world’s most famous casino. Featured in multiple James Bond films, this exclusive casino is a favourite of the rich and the famous — cameras of any kind are strictly forbidden on its floors.

Monte Carlo overlooking the sea and docks in Monaco.
Monte Carlo in Monaco is one of the most exclusive destinations on Earth. Credit: Rishi Jhajharia

After you have indulged in a bit of gambling, why not head to one of the hotel’s famous Michelin-starred restaurants for a gourmet meal? Let’s start with the three times Michelin-starred Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse a l’Hotel de Paris.

This exquisite restaurant has a menu crafted by chefs Dominique Lory and Alain Ducasse which has been inspired by the cuisine of the Riviera. The menu features regional products with a specific modern signature.

“Food that tastes like the sun,” is how Ducasse described it.

Le Grill is another Michelin-starred restaurant on the 8th floor of the restaurant. It has stunning views of the ocean and is known for its speciality in grilled meats.

A Mercedes on the streets of Monaco.
Monaco is a playground for the world’s elite. Credit: Flavien

The roof can be completely opened so guests can enjoy lunch in the open air or dinner under a starry sky. With a menu created by chef Franck Cerutti, this is another incredible restaurant you would not want to miss.

For something a little more laid-back, head to Café du Paris on the Place du Casino. This terrace offers an outdoor view of the streets of Monaco.

Don’t be fooled, just because the restaurant is lacking a Michelin Star doesn’t mean the food isn’t fantastic. Crafted by chef Franck Lafon, the restaurant features menus for breakfast, lunch, gourmet afternoon tea and dinner.

Monte Carlo in Monaco.
Credit: Simon Moore

There are even more fine-dining restaurants on the premises as well as several lounge bars where you can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails or sample wines selected by sommeliers.

Finally, if you aren’t gambling or enjoying some of the best food on earth, why not have a spa day? Numerous spas and wellness clubs are dotted around the hotel including a spa specifically for hair treatments as well as poolside sunbeds and cabanas where you can relax and laze the days away.

A view over Monaco.
Credit: Julien Lanoy

Rooms at the hotel are elegant and often offer sea views or city views over Monaco’s beautiful skyline. Rooms start at around $750 but can go up to approximately $49,000 depending on your desired level of luxury.

The Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo is famed within our pop culture, and for good reason. If you are visiting Monaco, there is only one place to stay.

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