Honeymooning in Style: The Most Refined Watches On Ben Affleck and JLO’s Honeymoon
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Honeymooning in Style: The Most Refined Watches On Ben Affleck and JLO’s Honeymoon

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The trending news of Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon in France got every Bennifer fan excited. The couple was photographed strolling the streets of Paris many times. While Jennifer Lopez attracted the world with her gorgeousness and style in fashion, Ben Affleck showed off two mega luxury watches that left everyone in awe.

Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon has been the talk of many Bennifer’s fans lately. Everyone was curious about their stories, the places they have visited, their latest photos, their outfits, and…wait, what do we see on Ben Affleck’s wrist? 

 Ben Affleck and JLO's honeymoon
Image courtesy of Getty Images

On Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon, the actor appeared with two luxurious watches that were definitely worth the fuss. 

After a long time away from the fashion spotlight, Affleck seems refreshed and all ready to accessorise again! His honeymoon alone has been filled with some awesome and interesting watches, and we are pretty sure that JLO is the reason for igniting his sense of style once again! Since last year’s photograph of him wearing what seemed to be the exact same watch he wore throughout the Bennifer 1.0 era: a small-faced, chunky-braceleted, delicate little silver thing, which happened to be the same watch that made its first appearance in Lopez’s 2002 music video for Jenny From the Block, we could feel that Affleck’s watches’ style has been back. 

 Ben Affleck and JLO's honeymoon
Image courtesy of Page Six

Here are two watches from Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon that turned heads.

Arceau L’Heure De La Lune from Hermes

Just look at the Hermès watch the actor was photographed wearing while the couple was in Paris for their honeymoon last week! Although the luxury brand is better known for its scarves and handbags for women, no one can resist falling for this Arceau L’Heure De La Lune.

It’s the kind of masterpiece you’d expect to see on the wrist of one of Hollywood’s leading men, but it also contradicts everything else the actor wears on a daily basis. Unless he has a movie to promote, Affleck appears to be uninspired in dressing up outside of the set. For much of the last decade, he has been mainly adopting the casual style; and casual is considered a taboo word that should never be associated with the Arceau L’Heure de la Lune in the world of luxe.

Image courtesy of GPHG

This wristwatch is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous new dress watches of the century. From the photographs of Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon, it looks like he’s wearing the black meteorite dial version of the watch that was introduced earlier this year.

True to the brand’s innovative and slightly quirky French style, instead of hands and hour markers, it displays the time via two decorative discs that show the hour, minutes, and date hovering over a dial with two mothers of pearl moons. The dial is set in a 43mm 18-carat white gold case that is linked to a dramatic black alligator leather strap. The end product is one of the most inventive and endearing moon phase complications we’ve ever seen.

It’s not the type of watch you’d generally see matched with a denim western shirt like the one worn in Paris on Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon. Still, it’s a welcome aesthetic change for someone who will be spending a lot of time in the future arm-in-arm with one of the world’s most gorgeous stars.

Are you curious to see what the Arceau L’Heure would look like on you? The watch is still available in Hermès shops in the United States, but if your local store doesn’t have one, you may have to look elsewhere. Farfetch offers a pre-owned example for sale, but you need to be ready to pay $69,950 to get your hands on it.

Rolex Submariner 

Another interesting photograph of a Rolex Submariner was captured on Ben Affleck and JLO’s honeymoon, magnifying the masterpiece on the actor’s wrist. I mean, look at this exceptional piece! It is customised by the one and only artisans at Artisan De Geneve, demonstrating Affleck’s bravery in breaking the norm when it comes to Haute Horlogerie aspirations.

Purists may not approve, and Rolex considers any type of customisation to be vandalism, but as Affleck has previously shown with the mix and match Chrome Hearts X Franck Muller combo, these unusual remixes of the classics can be a really cool flex, especially when moving in circles where everyone can have any kind of watch they want. We, ordinary humans, would never try to tamper with a Submariner, the steel sports watch to which all others aspire and which Che Guevara and Bruce Springsteen both wore before.

 Ben Affleck and JLO's honeymoon
Image courtesy of Time and Tide Watches

It looks like not only Ben Affleck who was drawing attention to his wrist style. Here are three other celebrities who have done it just right!

Chris Pine’s Rolex Day-Date

Chris Pine does not only adopt a distinctive fashion style that’s all about caftans, coastal-grandma chic, and Zorro shirts, but the actor appears to be adept at balancing the odd with the classical. His Rolex Day-Date is ideal for keeping this fine balance. The watch is an absolute classic that allows Pine to get away with the wilder aspects of his outfit.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Kevin Durant’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Image courtesy of SHOWTIME
Image courtesy of SHOWTIME

Kevin Durant wore a heavenly watch to the premiere of NYC Point Gods, a new documentary he produced. We rarely see the Slim Reaper’s wristwear, but who are we to blame? I mean, have you seen his hoodies? Durant appears to be sporting the latest Royal Oak 50th anniversary edition with a tourbillon and navy blue dial. This is a match between two all-time greats.

Tom Cruise’s Rolex GMT-Master II

Image courtesy of Ricky Vigil M
Image courtesy of Ricky Vigil M

Who knew Cruise owned so many high-end watches? Well, I bet all his fans did! Beginning with his Top Gun press tour, the actor has displayed one all-time favourite after another. His collection includes a complex Vacheron Constantin, two Cartiers, and a Rolex Sky-Dweller. He can now add the red-and-blue bezel “Pepsi” GMT to his collection. The GMT, like the other watches he has been wearing, is a must-have piece that’s both sporty and classic.

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