Here’s a Christmas Gift Guide For Stationary Enthusiasts
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Here’s a Christmas Gift Guide For Stationary Enthusiasts

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Christmas is just round the corner, and it’s about time you start stocking up on stationary, pencil cases, notebooks and greeting cards galore.

A stationary shop is an adult’s version of the candy store – there are very few and far between that don’t get excited with the idea of a brand new notebook, a fountain pen or some creamy highlighters. This is precisely why we’re so excited about Smythson‘s new campaign, launching some of the most luxurious and exciting stationary products just in time to add them to our Christmas must-haves.

In the spirit of Christmas (which, without trying to freak you out entirely, we need to point out is less than two months away), DDW has compiled a stationary-geek gift guide of products to brighten up all of your friends and family’s stockings. From notebooks to pencil cases, the following are some of the most sophisticated, fun, quirky and classy gifts to start adding to your shopping lists in the upcoming winter season.

The Greeting Cards

Image courtesy of Smythson

It may come as a surprise to some but sending greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, celebrations and all kinds of life events is in fact a very British tradition which is not very replicated in many other cultures. Even compared to those in which this ancient tradition persists, the Brits take it one step further, often displaying all of their cards atop the living room fireplace for everyone to see, and read. They become a part of the festivities, dotting living rooms in colourful congratulatory messages, mementos of love and the occasionally overly cheese wine-mum joke.

For Those Looking For Something Quirky

Dog Playing Piano Christmas Card (Box of 10), £39
Image courtesy of Smythson

For Your Architect Friends

Christmas House Card, £13
Image courtesy of Smythson

For The Typography Fans

Merry Christmas Greeting Card, £16
Image courtesy of Smythson

Gifts For Her

Image courtesy of Smythson

There’s always a touch of pride in pulling out a brand-new leather agenda during a meeting, or fishing our your passport gate inside a nile-blue cover at passport control. Investing in quality accessories, however, is often something at the very bottom of people’s list of priorities, making it a perfect thing to gift to others.

Innovative, quirky and practical, the following are some of our favourite gift ideas for her.

For The Travelling Lady

Passport Cover in Mara, Nile Blue, £150
Image courtesy of Smythson

For the Jewellery Enthusiasts

Deluxe Jewellery Box in Mara, Navy, £2695
Image courtesy of Smythson

For The One That Loses Track of Time

2023 Wafer Diary with Pencil in Panama, Rose, £80
Image courtesy of Smythson

Gifts For Him

Image courtesy of Smythson

You know what they say, buying gifts for men is always a little challenging – which is why inspiration is always welcome. From beautiful board games to pouches to keep his wallets safe, here are some of the coolest, most useful and also most sophisticated things to gift him this season.

For the Busy Men

Everyday Backpack in Ludlow, Black, £1130
Image courtesy of Smythson

For the Traveller

Passport Cover in Mara, Mushroom, £150
Image courtesy of Smythson

For the One that Loses Things

Luggage Tag in Panama, Taupe, £85
Image courtesy of Smythson

Gifts For the Kids

You may have your friends covered, but what about the kids? Instead of searching the toy shop for some dolls or miniature cars, why not gift them things they can use in school?

For the Studious Kids

Pencil Case in Panama, Aquamarine, £170
Image courtesy of Smythson

For the Future Writer

My First Smythson, £175
Image courtesy of Smythson

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