Here’s 5 Rugs You Need to Decorate Your Home and How to Combine Them
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Here’s 5 Rugs You Need to Decorate Your Home and How to Combine Them

November 17, 2022 Share

Because every good home has a rug and every good rug has an accessory that goes with it, here’s DDW’s latest tips on interior design.

Rugs are a home’s best friend. If your place is small, they help make it feel more extensive. If too big, they can segregate different living areas to create the illusion of rooms – but not everything in life is about size. Rugs also happen to be the most understated way to decorate, bring character and personalise your living spaces without making huge compromises such as wall painting or drilling holes.

Whether you already own a precious rug or have a naked floor, here’s what DDW recommends.

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots

Nordic Knots Square Sands + Acid Magazine Number 4

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots
Image courtesy of Acid Magazine

Checkered things are all over the internet at the moment – we blame the Gen-z craze for all things vintage (or, should we say vintage in their youthful eyes). By opting for a rug that is bold yet understated in nudes, but pairing it with louder accents such as the Acid magazine, you’re betting on a living room full of boldness, youth and skate culture.

Nordic Knots Grid in Dusty White + Veark Blue Apron

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots
Image courtesy of Veark

If you own the Veark Blue Apron, you probably love going out for Greek food, talking about your summer holidays in Sicily and own a vintage film camera. It’s pretty obvious. To compliment your slightly basic but also quirky personality, the Grid Nordic Knots rug is a great option; regular but with a touch of unexpectedness down the middle, this rug is an embodiment of your personality.

Nordic Knots Folding Ribbon Rug + The Gentlewoman Magazine Issue Number 20

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots
Image courtesy of Unrecorded

Margaret Atwood is cool, much like the Nordic Knots Folding Ribbon Rug. Delicate and gentle (ha, pun intended), both of these items are celebrations of femininity in subtle form. With the magazine’s contemporary graphics design and the rug’s geometric pattern, your living spaces have the potential of feeling contemporary yet classical and cultured.

Nordic Knots Untitled 1 + Wishbone Chair

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots
Image courtesy of Unrecorded

This one is for the lovers of the contemporary. Playing with wood and nudes, this combinations is a subtle way of emphasising design (have you seen the beauty of the Wishbone Chair!?) without being very “in-your-face” about it all. Subtle, classic but tasteful – that’s what this combo is all about.

Nordic Knots Elder Black + The Forét x Stanley Bottle

Image courtesy of Nordic Knots
Image courtesy of Forét

If you’re into the Nordic Knots Elder Black then you must be into nature. because that’s what all hand knotted rugs scream, right? Because you’re into nature, we’re assuming you also happen to care about the environment, consequently loathe plastic bottles and will happen to love the Forét x Stanley one. Perhaps it was a bit of a stretch with this one.

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