Here Are The Upcoming March Music Releases
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Here Are The Upcoming March Music Releases

March 3, 2023 Share

March is a month for groupies, with music releases left right and centre from some of the music industry’s most notorious and celebrated titans.

The month of March is shaping up to be an exciting time for music lovers, as some of the most celebrated artists in the industry release new albums. From pop-punk to R&B, there’s something for everyone this month, which is perhaps why everyone is so excited about music these days.

Here’s a list of some of DDW’s favourites.

Kali Uchis – Red Moon in Venus (3rd of March)

Image courtesy of @kaliuchis

Armed with her unique blend of genres and soulful sound, Kali Uchis has a loyal following. A quick browse through her socials is enough to prove that this album is bound to be a fan favourite, with comments such as “album of the year!” or the more crude “y’all im shitting myself out of excitement” populating her every post. She’s curated her image accordingly; sensual photos in deep crimson, pinks and oranges are what her Instagram seems to be all about these days, perfect depictions of the soft and romantic sound of Red Moon in Venus.

Kali Uchis – Red Moon in Venus Album

Macklemore – Ben (3rd of March)

Image courtesy of @macklemore

Nobody thrift shops like Macklemore. Coming in hot back in 2012, the rapper stood out for the comical and conversational nuances in his music, headlining charts with what remains one of his most notorious songs to this day; Thrift Shop. Today he releases Ben, likely referencing his original name (Benjamin Haggerty), in a cathartic album with hints of pop and melodic rap.

Macklemore – Ben Album

Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (3rd of March)

Image courtesy of @mileycyrus

Cyrus has been on a roll – Flowers has been one of the most successful hits of 2023 thus far, to the point where it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t already memorised the song’s catchy lyrics, or gone down the rabbit hole of what the subtle intricacies of the song refer to. It would be fair to say that all the speculation and adoration is only a preview of what’s to come. Endless Summer Vacation sounds promising, featuring the likes of SIA or Brandy Carlisle in an album where Miley seems to be finally finding herself, her voice and her image.

Fall Out Boy – So Much (For) Stardust (24th of March)

Image courtesy of Fall Out Boy

Pop-punk band Fall Out Boy is back with their catchy hooks, anthemic choruses, and emotionally charged lyrics that cover a range of topics, including love, heartbreak, self-doubt, and the struggles of growing up. For their next album it seems like we can expect the same contemporary nostalgia that keeps Fall Out Boy so painstakingly relevant. Tickets for their summer tour are already on sale, so arm yourself with your best rock concert gear and get buying.

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