From Runway to Room: Why Luxury Fashion Brands Expanding Into Home Decor Makes Sense
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From Runway to Room: Why Luxury Fashion Brands Expanding Into Home Decor Makes Sense

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Luxury fashion brands have been designing furniture as stunning (and pricey!) as their clothes for years. Here’s why.

Luxury fashion houses have been dipping their toes, or should we say sinking their plush sofas, into the world of furniture design since Fendi Casa in 1998. This move was all about offering a complete lifestyle experience that seamlessly blended their signature aesthetics with high-end home décor.

There are several reasons why the move from fashion to furniture makes perfect sense. Firstly, both industries thrive on a shared foundation: creativity, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. High-end furniture and high fashion both place a strong emphasis on quality materials and impeccable construction, and designers with a talent for crafting visually stunning and well-made garments can naturally extend these skills to furniture design, ensuring each piece is not only beautiful but built to last.

Secondly, fashion brands entering the home décor market capitalise on their existing brand loyalty and customer base. Consumers who appreciate a brand’s aesthetic in their wardrobe are likely to trust the same brand to furnish their homes.This trust is crucial, as it allows brands to offer a holistic lifestyle that resonates with their clientele’s tastes and preferences. By creating furniture that mirrors their clothing lines, these brands enable customers to express their style consistently across both fashion and home environments.

So, what are some of the brands that have delved into interior design?

Fendi Casa: Pioneering Fashionable Furniture

Image courtesy of Fendi Casa
Image courtesy of Fendi Casa

Fendi holds the title of the first luxury fashion house to launch a furniture line, all the way back in 1988. Their aim? To translate their fashion expertise into the living space, creating a holistic brand experience. Their debut collection featured luxurious sofas that embodied Fendi’s characteristic elegance and craftsmanship which meant meticulous tailoring, rich materials, and of course, the iconic FF logo – a clear reflection of their fashion heritage. 

Over the years, Fendi Casa has expanded its repertoire to include a vast array of home furnishings, from beds and tables to lighting and even outdoor furniture. Each piece exudes a sophisticated, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Versace Home: Bold and Beautiful Furniture

Image courtesy of Versace

Versace wasn’t far behind, venturing into the home décor market in 1992 with their Versace Home collection. 

Their first foray featured opulent furniture pieces that mirrored the brand’s signature bold, extravagant style. Just like their flamboyant fashion collections, Gianni Versace envisioned a holistic lifestyle brand encompassing not just clothing but living spaces too. Versace Home’s designs are characterised by vibrant colours, lavish fabrics, and the iconic Medusa head motif, translating the brand’s luxurious and theatrical aesthetic into the home. Every piece from Versace Home is a dramatic, stylish statement, perfectly complementing their fashion collections.

Armani/Casa: Understated Elegance for the Home

Image courtesy of Armani Casa
Image courtesy of Armani Casa

Driven by Giorgio Armani’s passion for interior design and his desire for elegant, understated luxury in the home, Armani launched Armani/Casa in 2000. Their first collection featured sleek, minimalist furniture that mirrored the brand’s fashion ethos of simplicity and sophistication. Think neutral tones, clean lines, and luxurious materials like wood, leather, and glass. This aesthetic reflects Armani’s philosophy in fashion – timeless elegance and refined comfort. The furniture is designed to create serene, harmonious living environments, perfectly aligning with Armani’s understated yet luxurious approach.

Ralph Lauren Home: Classic American Style Takes Root

Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren was one of the earliest fashion brands to enter the home furnishings market, introducing Ralph Lauren Home in 1983. Their first collection offered a range of furniture, lighting, and accessories that embodied the brand’s signature blend of classic American style and luxurious elegance. Think rich wood finishes, leather, and sumptuous fabrics, all drawing inspiration from traditional American and British styles. Just like their timeless fashion, Ralph Lauren Home reflects quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The furniture evokes a sense of heritage and sophistication, echoing the spirit of Ralph Lauren’s iconic clothing collections.

Hermès Maison: Exquisite Craftsmanship for the Home

Image courtesy of Studio WM

Hermès joined the party a little later in 2011, launching Hermès Maison to extend their renowned craftsmanship and luxury into the realm of home décor. Their first collection showcased exquisitely crafted furniture and home accessories,highlighting their commitment to quality and artistry. Fine leather, wood, and other luxurious materials often take centre stage in Hermès Maison’s designs, reflecting the brand’s equestrian heritage and meticulous attention to detail. The furniture pieces embody the same elegance and refinement as Hermès’ fashion items, with a focus on timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship.

These luxury brands have successfully extended their unique styles into the world of home décor, offering furniture that reflects their fashion ethos and provides a cohesive lifestyle experience. Their ventures into furniture design highlight their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design, ensuring their signature aesthetics are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of their customers’ lives.

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