Estee Lauder Former Beauty Billionaire, French Villa Lists For $9 Million
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Estee Lauder Former Beauty Billionaire, French Villa Lists For $9 Million

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This six-bedroom villa belonging to former Estee Lauder has a Mediterranean view and is the ideal place for a summertime getaway and entertaining guests.

Estee Lauder was an American entrepreneur and co-creator of a cosmetics corporate empire, Estée Lauder Companies (EL). In its ninth decade, the company that bears her name is a major manufacturer and marketer of quality skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products. More than 25 brands are sold in approximately 150 countries, booking more than $16 billion in annual revenues.

During her time, she oversaw the creation of five different brands –Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Lab Series and Origins – always insisted that the Company’s products be made from “the highest-quality ingredients,” shares Luxuo

Estee Lauder- French Villa
Estee Lauder- French Villa
Estee Lauder- French Villa

Estée Lauder founded a billion-dollar cosmetics, skincare, and perfume empire.

Now her former French Villa is looking for a new home. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is a dreamy villa in the tony La Californie section. Previously once owned by cosmetics pioneer Estee Lauder as her summer house, the home lists on the market for over $9 million.

According to Knight Frank’s listing, “breathtaking views of the Mediterranean can be enjoyed from each property level.”

From a significant entrance corridor with a grand staircase, the six-bedroom house opens to “a few reception rooms, a visitor cloakroom, six loos and an eating room with a terrace space. Additionally, there may be a back and a high-end, absolutely outfitted kitchen,” explains Luxuo.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it”

– Estée Lauder

The Mediterranean coastline is home to endlessly beautiful landscapes. After all, tourists constantly flock here to pursue azure waters, rocky hillsides and ancient architecture. 

Why not get the best of both views with a villa with access to the crystal blue waters at every angle of the house?

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