Five Of The Best Locations To Travel To In 2022
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Five Of The Best Locations To Travel To In 2022

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AS we cautiously look ahead and plan our travel itineraries for 2022, it’s worth noting that some locations have special reasons to visit this year, while others may not be an option as the world continues to wrangle with the pandemic.  

To help you decide where to go, we’ve compiled a list of five locations that could be fantastic travel options in 2022 based on diverse culinary scenes, historical significance, pure opulence, and Covid-19 accessibility. See below for more:

Antigua and Barbuda

This Caribbean nation is comprised of two islands in a remote tropical paradise that is blessed with miles of idyllic white sandy beaches. Antigua famously has a beach for every day of the year, while Barbuda was known as Princess Diana’s favourite vacation spot.

Extraordinary wildlife can be found all over the islands, particularly in the water, as can charming local markets full of fresh fruit and unique trinkets to take home with you. Covid-19 tests on arrival should be expected and entry for the unvaccinated is restricted, but for double/triple vaccinated people it shouldn’t be a problem.

High-end hotels: Hermitage Bay ($1799/£1330 per night) | Blue Waters ($543/£401 per night)

Antigua – Credit: Rick Jamison

Cape Town, South Africa

When South African scientists detected the Omicron variant in November 2021, the knee-jerk reaction from the rest of the world devastated the country’s tourism industry and led to the loss of over $64 million in travel bookings.

But as early Omicron data shows a reduction in severity and vaccinations take further effect as the year goes on, Cape Town is predicted to see a resurgence in reservations and make for a more-than-viable option for travellers in 2022. Whether it be the base for your safari of South Africa or to explore the city’s most luxurious wellness retreats, there is a good reason for everyone to visit Cape Town this year.

High-end hotels: Ellerman House ($912/£690 per night) | 21 Nettleton ($750/£560 per night)

Cape Town – Credit: Tobias Reich

Lake Como, Italy

After making some noticeable appearances in Succession and House of Gucci in 2021, Lake Como remains a symbol of utter luxury and class, providing the backdrop for countless lavish holidays and romantic retreats for the world’s rich and famous.

This glamourous location in Northern Italy allows visitors to explore the remnants of medieval villages, lavish villas, and of course, the serene lake that gently laps against the shore. Summer is when the region looks at its best, with many hotels only open from April onwards, catering for gorgeous outdoor Italian dining and vintage boat trips from a private dock.

High-end hotels: Mandarin Oriental ($850/£628 per night) | Villa d’Este ($740/£546 per night)

Lake Como – Credit: Karl Moran

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The home of over half the world’s active geysers celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2022 and can form both a convenient staycation for Americans or an incredible trip for international travellers.

There’s just so much to discover at Yellowstone; some 10,000 hydrothermal features, an abundance of (sometimes formidable) wildlife, countless activities from horse-riding to mountain biking, and of course, many luxurious lodges for you to rest your head after a full-throttle day in the outdoors. Just make sure you book well in advance as lodges fill up very quickly.

High-end hotels: Canyon Village ($269/£198 per night) | Old Faithful Inn ($219/£161 per night)

Yellowstone – Credit: Nicolasintravel

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico was named Travel+Leisure magazine’s 2022 destination of the year, and although Playa Del Carmen can be a hedonistic playground for those who are after that kind of holiday, there’s plenty to do to avoid the crowds.

Culture can often be best accessed through a country’s cuisine, and some of Playa Del Carmen’s food tours are a fantastic gateway to Mexico’s mouth-watering gastronomy. An underground adventure at Rio Secreto Nature Reserve is a great alternative to the bars and beaches, as are the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá. Playa Del Carmen also has some of the best scuba diving in North America.

High-end hotels: Viceroy Riviera Maya ($799/£590 per night) | Grand Velas Riviera Maya ($1,192/£880 per night)

Playa Del Carmen – Credit: Aaron Huber

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