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On The Upcycle | Fashion For The Future

November 10, 2020 Share

Today as always, fashion remains one of our world’s most important industries. Indeed, no other industry provides the en mass appeal of offering a platform for immediate personal expression. With millions of possibilities and garment combinations available in the market at any given time, each person’s style is as unique as themselves – a reflection of their personality and culture. 

Nonetheless, with the industry’s beauty, glamour and promise also come hefty consequences. Simply put – the planet cannot sustain the burgeoning demand, the endless trend cycles and the ecological shortcuts taken in production and distribution. 

Our Earth is now paying the price for decades of rampant excess with everything from water systems, the rainforest and the Ozone deeply affected by the churn of satisfying rampant demand for fashion. Thankfully consumers and brands have taken notice and a movement towards sustainability has taken hold. 

New products and services focused on the reutilisation of past materials, waste and ‘up-cycling’ of items have appeared in the last five years, growing in popularity and marketshare. High-end brand designers have also joined the cause, delivering capsule collections and attracting celebrity followers. 

And with fashion leading the charge, design, homeware and the luxury industries have followed; setting the foundations for a veritable revolution in how we design and produce good for the future. DDW takes a look at some of the very best up-cycled items out there and where to get them:

Panerai – The Watch 

Panerai the watch

The first luxury watch maker to take the leap towards sustainability – Panerai has built a watch for the eco explorer. Named after a famous environmentalist and explorer, the Panerai Submersible Mike Horn edition is composed of a case made from scrap metal collected from aircraft manufacturers and a strap made from recycled plastic. Those lucky few to own this limited edition will undoubtedly be able to enjoy its design and submersible capabilities whilst boasting their eco credentials. 

1/OFF Paris – The Clothes 

1/OFF Paris - The Clothes

A label founded on the principles of a global eco-conscious movement – 1/OFF ticks two sustainability boxes by up-cycling materials and garments. Celebrating the legacy of fashion’s most famous designers, the brand transforms high-end vintage pieces (from laudable brands such as Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Celine, Valentino and Ralph Lauren) into contemporary, disruptive designs. As a bonus; not only do you get an ecologically-sound garment, you’ll know no one else will have it. Win-Win.

Pentatonic – The Homeware

Pentatonic - The Homeware

Ever wonder what happens to all that glass and cardboard you throw away ever month? Well – unfortunately most of it ends up in a landfill, or the ocean. Enter Pentatonic, the champions of the circular economy that take waste and turn it into beautiful consumer products. We love the stylish stackable home glassware made of disposed iPhone screens

Gucci – The Outdoor Gear

Gucci - The Outdoor Gear

Italian super brand Gucci joins the ranks of the world’s most forward-thinking fashion companies with their Circular Lines initiative; a monumental effort launched to make every aspect of what they make sustainable. Fully embracing recycled and up-cycled materials, the brand is laser focused on impacting change. This Off The Grid hooded rain jacket is one of many incredible pieces to come out of their latest collection; 100% made from recycled materials. 

Naeco – The Glasses

Naeco - The Glasses

Plastic ocean waste is one of the most pressing issues in the world today, suffocating fish and wildlife as well as water resources. Naeco is committed to reversing this (so much so they named their company ‘Naeco’ – or ‘Ocean’ backwards) by scooping up discarded plastic and refashioning it into new textiles and materials. Particularly stylish are their new range of sunglasses – catch some rays whilst saving the planet, what could be better?

Charlotte Kidger – The Artwork

Charlotte Kidger - The Artwork

Homeware design is also catching up with the times and Charlotte Kidger is leading the charge with beautiful sculptures and furniture. Dedicated to giving industrial waste  materials a new life, her creations are worthy of a stylish home or a  museum alike. 

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