Exploring The Seven Star Town House Galleria Set In The Heart Of Milan
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Exploring The Seven Star Town House Galleria Set In The Heart Of Milan

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The Town House Galleria is located in 20121 Milano, MI, Italy. The Seven Stars Octagon Presidential Suite – which costs €5,492.70 a night even offers 24-karat gold bed sheets.

In 1877 the Town House Galleria of Victor Emmanuel II became a celebrated monument in Milan, combining theatre and music between the religious and the profane and between the Eastern and Western parts of the city. The gallery owes its name to the former king of Italy, who laid the first stone of the building on March 7, 1865. 

This big 50-meter high glass and steel structure houses, cafes, and restaurants, not to mention the greatest names in high fashion and Italian ready-to-wear clothing. In recent years, the townhouse gallery hotel has taken possession of the site in the heart of this monumental architectural complex. Still, The hotel’s entrance couldn’t be more discreet – a black door in a small cobbled courtyard.

Town House Galleria
Inside the lounge area. Photo by Town Management Group.

But the seven gold stars say it all; hidden within the luxurious brands was a gateway to the only accredited seven-star hotel. Located in the historic four-story glass-domed arcade, the hotel neighbours the 12th-century Duomo Cathedral and the Milan Opera House.

Town House Galleria
An exterior view of the building. Photo by Town Management Group.

The townhouse has 20 suites and 58 rooms, each different from the others. Although some suites are decorated with photographs that pay tribute to the Roman era, others are filled with more contemporary designs and colours. 

Town House Galleria
Photo from Pinterest.
Photo courtesy of Seven Stars Gallery.
Town House Galleria
Photo from Pinterest.

It’s small, exclusive, and intimate – a home-away-from-home for those for whom money is no object. In this hotel, even the meals are designed specifically for you. While there are menus in your room, they are merely indicative. 

If you decide to have a meal in-house, go to the gorgeous purple dining room, and the chef will come out to chat with you about your tastes and your plans for the day and then suggest a suitable meal. He even has ayurvedic training to help ascertain the type of meal that best suits your body type – imagine that.

Photo from Pinterest.

So whether you’re after historic architecture or modern skyscrapers, Milan has a place to stay that’s perfect for you.

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