Exploring The Atlantis Royal Dubai’s $1.4 Billion Hotel
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Exploring The Atlantis Royal Dubai’s $1.4 Billion Hotel

May 28, 2022 Share

The world’s most ultra-luxury experiential resort is opening this fall so let’s dive into what we can expect at Dubai’s new mega-resort and gleaming precious gem in the land of luxury.

This historical, mythical metropolis – Atlantis The Royal will forever change the landscape of Dubai. The Atlantis resort, with its endless ocean views, lush green spaces, and playful contrast between fire and water, is all encapsulated in dramatic architecture is finally here. 

Atlantis Royal
An exterior view. Courtesy of Atlantis Royal.

This excentric stand-out coral-like design is nothing new for Dubai making a statement. That is because Dubai is the most luxurious place in the world. Just 50 years ago, it was hard to believe that Dubai was once a tiny town in the middle of the desert, but today, it serves as the luxurious face of the middle east and one of the world’s biggest attractions.

When it comes to the structure of the building that has been built in the shape of a wave, the design allows the residential and hotel holdings to unfold. At The Palm’s most exclusive address, residents will have access to the world’s most renowned chefs and the fun of Atlantis, while at the other end of the spectrum, live on any of the 43-storey properties.

Atlantis Royal
The bar area inside Atlantis Royal. Courtesy of Atlantis Royal.

Word on the street claims the $1.4 billion luxury hotel should welcome guests from November 2022, with 795 rooms and 102 suites, including 44 suites with private pools. Atlantis The Royal is also making sure some of the creatures of the deep make an appearance. The lobby is set to wow arriving guests, with three aquariums plus the most extensive jellyfish tank in the world, housing approximately 4,000 jellyfish.

When it comes to fishing out cash, the room rates will start at $750 per night and the Suites at $2000 per night as told by Private Upgrades, while to buy an apartment is anything priced between $2 million and $49 million on the complex. 

Atlantis Royal
One of the pools. Courtesy of Atlantis Royal.
Atlantis Royal
An inside look at the bedrooms. Courtesy of Atlantis Royal.
Courtesy of Atlantis Royal.

Once hidden under the sea, the city has now risen to hold and be catered to the world’s riches once again. From 17 restaurants and bars – including chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey – it’s easy to gather why the 87,097 square meter complex is making waves in the A-list industry.

Dubai keeps getting bigger and better, doesn’t it? 

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