Everyone is Obsessed with Apple TV’s latest show, Palm Royale
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Everyone is Obsessed with Apple TV’s latest show, Palm Royale

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Palm Royale: Forget Bridgerton, this 1969 satire skewers the elite with poolside martinis & Maxine’s outrageous schemes.

Move over, “Bridgerton” – there’s a new period drama stealing the spotlight, and its name is Palm Royale. This Apple TV+ miniseries has quickly become the talk of the town, leaving viewers with a case of serious POFO (Palm Royale FOMO, for the uninitiated).

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Set against the glamorous backdrop of 1969 Palm Beach, Florida, the show promises a captivating blend of social satire,juicy drama, and side-splitting humor. Whispers suggest a powerhouse cast, with rumors swirling that the ever-brilliant Allison Janney might be leading the charge as the ambitious Maxine Simmons. Imagine “The Talented Mr. Ripley” reimagined with a dash of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and a healthy dose of “Grey Gardens” eccentricity – that’s the deliciously decadent world viewers are clamouring to enter.

Fashionistas are already swooning over the meticulously recreated costumes, channeling Jackie O. glamour with a healthy dose of mod madness. Reviewers can’t stop raving about the show’s sharp wit, its ability to skewer the extravagant lives of the elite while simultaneously making you yearn for a poolside martini in a chic caftan. Social media has become a veritable Palm Royale playground, overflowing with fan theories, character dissections, and of course, hilarious memes (Maxine’s “accidental” gate-crashing technique has already achieved iconic status!).

So What is the Show About?

Simply put, Palm Royale is a comedic drama miniseries set in 1969 Palm Beach, Florida. It follows Maxine Simmons, an ambitious outsider, who schemes her way into the exclusive social circle of the town’s elite country club. As Maxine navigates this world of wealth and privilege, she uncovers secrets and grapples with how much she’s willing to sacrifice to achieve her dream of belonging.

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Critical Acclaim and a Few Cautions

Early reviews for Palm Royale are largely positive, praising the show’s premise and its comedic execution. Critics at RogerEbert.com commend the show’s ability to balance social commentary with witty humor, comparing it favorably to classic comedies. The meticulously recreated fashions of the era have also garnered praise, with reviewers highlighting the show’s costume design as a major draw.

However, some reviewers caution that the show might not be all sunshine and cocktails. There are concerns about potential historical anachronisms, with some worried that the dialogue might feel too contemporary for a 1969 setting. Additionally, a few reviewers express a cautious hope that the show won’t prioritise style over substance as the season progresses.

Overall, Palm Royale seems poised to be a must-watch for fans of period (if Palm beach in the 70s can be called that) dramas with a twist. Whether it can maintain its comedic spark and deliver a satisfying story arc remains to be seen as the season unfolds. But one thing’s for sure: darlings, you won’t want to miss out on the conversation surrounding this captivating new series.

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