Evenfall House: The 1.9 million Lake-Front Retreat in Michigan Hits the Market
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Evenfall House: The 1.9 million Lake-Front Retreat in Michigan Hits the Market

November 8, 2022 Share

Previously featured in the New York Times, this cozy but industrial Evenfall House retreat is up for grabs. Hot chocolate by the lake, anyone?

The autumn wind has started to whistle – or perhaps it’s the kettle, which is permanently switched on as temperatures drop whilst the sun sets earlier. We are all quite ready to welcome a winter which has taken its sweet time to arrive. The leaves become yellow, our drinks hotter and our desire to escape to a woodside lodge is ever so insatiable. What if a modern version of that winter lodge was in fact for sale? Ladies and gentlemen; Evenfall House.

Living room and views. Image courtesy of Uncrate.

Woodside lodges, or huts by the lake, are nice and all, but they tend to be slightly outdated, or at the very least often lacking the comfort and design features we so desperately crave. That’s certainly not the case with Evenfall House.

Compact (but just enough), this retreat by the shores of Lake Michigan feels like a monolithic steel black square camouflaged amongst the leaves of the woods. Private, cozy, and seemingly the perfect place to read a book (or perhaps write one?), Evenfall house may feel ideal for wintery nights, but grants a lakefront lodge summer to whoever dips their toes and purchases the property.

Bedroom, reading nook and outdoor terrace. Image courtesy of Uncrate.

It houses an exceptionally well designed interior featured in the New York Times, complimented with delicate wooden detailing, industrial light fixtures and concrete floors. Its windows, which not only frame the mesmerising surroundings, make this property light and airy, which paired with its dark turquoise walls and ceilings grant it the coziness and homeliness of a cabin.

This 3 bed and 3 bath home has only been on the market for 10 days, with an asking price of $1,895,000. It contains radiant floors, is fully equipped with appliances, has 325′ of private waterfront and a fire pit. The gardens feature old cedar trees, which sculpt the outdoor space into an extension of its surrounding forests. This is of course, a more technical and factual way of saying; it is the perfect autumnal retreat.

Kitchen and open plan living room. Image courtesy of Uncrate.
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