Enrique Iglesias – “Be who you are, not whom the world wants you to be”
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Enrique Iglesias – “Be who you are, not whom the world wants you to be”

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The Spanish singer-songwriter, Enrique Iglesias, announced the release of his 11th studio album titled ‘Final’ on Instagram Live. His last album will make its debut on 17 September 2021. Even though the star is leaving, one thing to note is how his iconic fashion sense never will.

Today, the best selling Spanish language act of the decade is still rated as a signature style icon of the century.


Because for Enrique Iglesias, the baseball cap and simple tee loving heartthrob proved that casual attire will always come in handy. 

After all, who doesn’t have a plain tee or a pair of jeans in their cupboard?

“If you want to make an impression, don’t try too hard. I like to dress down and be comfortable in what I wear, rather than appear too ‘stylish’. My favourite look is a pair of old jeans mixed with a suit jacket and a comfortable pair of trainers.” Enrique Iglesias

The singer’s last studio album Sex and Love, released back in 2014, was a chart-topper. But since then the word ‘retiring’ has been looming over his music career.

Is This Enrique Iglesias’ Final ‘Final’ Goodbye?

After he started his recording career, back in the mid-nineties, it was time for a major change in the 46-year-olds life.

It will have volume 1 and volume 2, but it is the last,” said Iglesias regarding the record. “I am in that moment of my life, that chapter of my life, which I think is the right time to stop.”

Iglesias even hinted at shutting down operations during a virtual Q&A to discuss his upcoming tour with Ricky Martin and Sebastián Yatra.

After the initial news, both gentlemen looked shocked by it all. The Spanish native, who calls Miami home, simply broke the ice by saying:

“I’m never going to stop making music and writing songs, I love it, but I’m going to do it another way, not necessarily packaged as an album, It just takes forever to make albums.” – Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias’ Rise To Fame And Fortune

Enrique Iglesias started his recording career in the mid-nineties on Mexican indie label Fonovisa Records and became the best selling Spanish language act of the decade. By the early 2000s, he made a successful crossover into the mainstream English language market. 

The Tired of Being Sorry singer is one of the best-selling Latin music artists with estimated sales of over 70 million records worldwide. 

Iglesias has had five Billboard Hot 100 top-five singles, including two number-ones. As of October 2020, Iglesias holds the number-one position on the Greatest of All-Latin Artists charts. 

Enrique Iglesias’ songs like Escape, Don’t Turn Off the Lights, Hero, Bailando, Finally Found You, Heartbeat are some of his biggest commercial successes.

It’s Just All About Those Casual Button-Downs And Baseball Caps

However the fame of it all never really got to the stars head. The man embraced the essence of Zen. This is why another proponent of casual attire belongs too, none other than Enrique Iglesias. 

Always seen in either a tee-and-jeans combo, activewear or in a casual button-down, the Spanish musician is the perfect example of sticking to a style that suits you for life.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Iglesias said: 

A suit is a safe option, so when I first started singing I really didn’t know what to wear. I ended up always singing in black jeans and a white T-shirt. If you opened up my luggage it would have had ten pairs of each in it with maybe one shirt and a sweater. I think that a simple look always works.”

The celebs of today love a good trademark fashion accessory. For example, another star that loves hats more than Iglesias is none other than Pharrell Williams.

It seems Pharrell is only ‘Happy‘ when he’s got an oversized hat on his head these days. Although the reasons for his trend are unknown, one thing for sure is that Iglesias’ style is always a staple.

These pieces that make up his style are still in style in 2021 and beyond. Different people have different thoughts on what the basic men’s closet holds, and that’s totally fine. 

Style varies, but to encompass a solid foundation for a casual men’s wardrobe, you definitely need a basic plain tee, jeans, a hat or beanie to go or a classic leather jacket.

“Be who you are, not whom the world wants you to be” – Enrique Iglesias

After Iglesias releases “Final Vol. 1” on Sept. 17, he will hit the road with Ricky Martin on their first-ever co-headlining North America arena tour, which kicks off Sept. 25 in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

So it seems that the Spanish star is going to end his year off with a bang.

Who knows what’s next for Enrique Iglesias-if anything?


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