Meet Emir Taha The Trap-Led R&B Artist Whose Breaking The Mould
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Meet Emir Taha The Trap-Led R&B Artist Whose Breaking The Mould

May 26, 2022 Share

Turkish artists aren’t afraid to push their music to the limits – one upcoming artist based in London, Emir Taha, is doing just that.

Bridging East and West in the music industry is something that music gurus find a unique gift. With over 190 000 followers on his Youtube channel and his song ‘Baka Baka’ at four million views, this talented 25-year-old Emir Taha is a game-changer in the music industry.

Not only is he creating signature tunes, but Taha isn’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to mashing up genres and cultural barriers in music. Music has no borders or boundaries, so it’s easy for us to find common ground despite our differences.

Emir Taha
Photo by Salim Adam.

Music helps us de-stress and relax or be creative. However, the rise in international recognition of pop and rock has led to a beautiful discovery of Turkish artists rising in the ranks towards stardom. 

Emir Taha is a London-based artist who fuses indie, Turkish pop, R&B and lo-fi elements to create a blend of sounds. By signing in both Turkish and English, his mission is to evoke the culture of his home country in today’s western world. 

Emir Taha
Photo by Burcin Ergunt.

Turkish folk gets a south London trip-hop makeover. Described in The Line Of Best Fit as his music containing lo-fi beats, it’s clear how the musician established his evocative style and the duality of his eastern heritage and western identity.

With just two EPs out in the world, he’s already surpassed 50 million Spotify streams, bagged a Turkish No.1 and lists D.C. rapper Wale and producer Benny Blanco as fans. 

Emir Taha
Photo by Last FM.

Emir Taha came to prominence with his 2020, two-part debut EP ‘Hoppa’ before featuring on Turkish trap star BEGE’s hit single BSG the following year. Who knows where this young upcoming artist will go next?

“I want to put Turkey on the global music map. We deserve to be on there,” – Taha told NME.

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