Dsquared2 Opts for Holiday Attire for SS23 at Milan Fashion Week
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Dsquared2 Opts for Holiday Attire for SS23 at Milan Fashion Week

September 22, 2022 Share

Dsquared2 and their SS23 runway is all about the ruffles, transparencies, boardshorts, and… a single statement earring?

Let us run down memory lane real quick, back to Dsquared2’s menswear SS23 show back in late June, a collection reveling in what could potentially be considered holiday attire – evoking the beach, sun, surf, and summer. It was a runway reminiscent of a pre-covid euphoria of holidays abroad, basking under the sun. For SS23 womenswear, Dsquared2 is evoking pretty much the same.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway
Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

The setting, despite being a regal-looking 19th-century Milanese apartment with ornate cornicing and door-frames, had its ornamentation painted a pale off-yellow – a small touch large enough to bring a space that would otherwise scream classic and elegant, down to approachable, fun, and casual. And truly, what is Dsquared2 but those things? That being said, there’s an undeniably noble and classicality to the Dsquared2 runway, which the brand has incessantly hinted about on social media. Through short clips to the sound of classical violins, Dsquared2 has painted the palazzo in which the runway took place as a key focus and component of the show, often depicting images of its interior as part of the promotional images for the season.

The runway opens up with a pastel-colored outfit, perfectly matching its surroundings. The fit is layered, first with a translucent pale-blue shirt, then a checkered button up and a final overlay made up of a yet-again translucent jacket with embellished-looking lace. The model also wears a knee-length skirt and white pumps, all accessorized with a singular gold earring and loud blue eyeliner. What follows is a collection of overlays and mismatched patterns with one peculiar consistency; the singular large earring.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway
Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

At around look 8 the collection starts feeling futuristic, be it because of the sunglasses or the use of robot-like vests, but quite quickly seems to return to Dsquared2’s SS23 proposal; the beach. Micro bikini tops, large straw hats, humungous beach bags, and boardshorts, Dsquared2 makes us want to surf, sunbathe and take a few days off. There are ruffles, lace, transparencies, latex, and sequins; it is an all-round summer holiday wardrobe.

As the runway came to an end, clothes seemed to quieten down. We were no longer witnessing clashing colours, patterns and fabrics, but instead, Dsquared2 opted for more subdued pieces, primarily in sequins. With plenty of revealing cut-offs, the final runway outfits referenced the collection’s nightlife pieces, dresses made for late summer evenings, and cocktail-sipping at the beach bar.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway
Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

Summer may well and truly be over (hello to the awful weather seeping through Europe at the moment), but Dsquared2 is here to prove that holidays are in fact, a fashion choice.

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