Drake Lists His Home Studio for $250K per Hour
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Drake Lists His Home Studio for $250K per Hour

April 5, 2023 Share

Got a spare 250K and a serious passion for music? Rumour has it you can now rent Drake’s home studio on Stufinder.

We regular people have things like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, but musicians have Stufinder. Described as a place to scout and rent a recording studio, the app is relatively new on the books, but the premise is simple and has been making rounds. Musicians (or anyone in need of a recording studio) can browse, post and rent spaces to make their music by the hour. One of those places is the recording studio inside Drake‘s very own home.

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So where is this mystery studio? At Drake’s Toronto home studio, no less. The lucky renter (or wealthy renter) will get access to all of Drake’s musical instruments… but bear in mind that no Drake feature is included. By the sounds of it, there has already been some interest in the offer from rapper Riff Raff. Looking to hire for two hours at the staggering price of half a million (or the equivalent of a decently sized property in many places), Riff Raff seems to have been the first person to book Drake’s home studio.

Stufinder has already released a tweet regarding the listing, assuring its users it is by no means a scam. In all honesty (and bear in mind, we are speculating here), this is most likely a marketing campaign – Drake teaming up with Stufinder makes perfect sense. It grants the app some legitimacy, celebrity buzz, and a dozen of articles (much like this one). In turn, Drake might score an overly priced 250K for renting out his home studio and gets an extra hour of fame for being one of the very few (if not the only) celebrities to list their home recording studio online.

Image courtesy of @champagnepapi

Whilst a few years back being able to pay your way into a celebrity recording studio might have only been possible if you were in the right place, and knew the right people. With the availability of Drake’s home studio, it’s clear that even the biggest names in music are adapting to this new way of doing things. While it may seem like a novelty, this kind of listing could be the future of the music industry, making it easier for artists to create and collaborate with others from all around the world. Whether it’s Drake’s home studio or a local space, the ability to find and rent a professional recording studio through Stufinder is a game-changer for musicians everywhere.

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