Do Online Tarot Readings and Reiki Healings Work? Here’s What The Experts Say
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Do Online Tarot Readings and Reiki Healings Work? Here’s What The Experts Say

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Crystal balls & tarot cards on your phone? Can online psychics see your future? Explore digital divination & its surprising effectiveness.

I’ve got this indelible memory etched into my mind of staying up well past my bedtime as a child, feverishly channel-hopping in the vain hope of stumbling upon a late-night rerun of some child-friendly programme. Instead, I’d invariably stumble across a motley crew of tarot readers and fortune tellers. The odd over-18 show would pop up, sending me scrambling for the remote faster lightning, shaky from seeing things I probably shouldn’t have. But then there was the truly mesmerising, crystal ball-gazing psychics. Those I’d watch with rapt attention, utterly spellbound.

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Fast forward to today, and the Gen-Z equivalent of my late-night telly adventures is stumbling upon these mystical beings on TikTok Live. The medium may have changed, but the essence of their offerings remains eerily similar: some form of reading or healing, now beamed through the black mirror of our smartphones.

Users flock to these digital soothsayers, frantically tapping out comments in the hopes of having their futures divined. The modern-day mystics respond by plucking cards from their decks, allowing chance (and perhaps some otherworldly energies) to predict the anonymous seekers’ current state of mind.

So, what’s the deal? Can these metaphysical marvels truly work their magic through a screen? I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of essays, articles, and dissertations to help you reach a conclusion. Buckle up, because here’s the lowdown on what I’ve unearthed.

Online Tarot

Gone are the days of solely visiting a local reader in a dimly lit shop – but has going virtual changed the way psychics read us?

The answer, like the tarot itself, is multifaceted. Those who believe in a psychic connection between reader and client argue that effectiveness isn’t hindered by distance. As a Medium article on tarot readings in the digital age states, “The virtual space can become a powerful conduit for channeling energy and delivering messages.” In this view, a skilled reader can still use their intuition and the symbolism of the cards to craft a personalised reflection, even through a phone or video call.

However, some traditionalists hold the physical aspects of a reading in high regard. The act of shuffling the cards, the weight of them in your hand, and the way they fall onto the table all contribute to the reading process for these individuals. These elements are undeniably absent in a digital format.

Despite this, online platforms offer undeniable advantages, such as the increased accessibility online readings provide. “Anyone with an internet connection can now seek guidance from a tarot reader, regardless of their location.” This opens the door for a wider range of people to explore the practice.

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Ultimately, the effectiveness of a phone or video reading boils down to two key factors: the reader’s skill and your own openness to the interpretation. A skilled reader, whether in person or online, can weave a narrative from the cards that resonates with your situation and sparks insights you might not have considered before. If you’re approaching the reading with an open mind and a genuine desire for guidance, then a digital tarot session can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and navigating life’s challenges.

Online Reiki

The Reiki enthusiasts reckon their healing mojo can zip through the ether, no bother. They’re waving about studies that show it can take the edge off pain and anxiety, even when done from afar. They’re also banging on about how being open to it is half the battle, suggesting you don’t need someone actually laying hands on you to feel the benefits.

On the flip side, the naysayers reckon it’s all a bit of hocus-pocus. They’re convinced it’s just a placebo effect – you know, where you think it’s doing you good, so it does. Some also swear by the touchy-feely bit of having a practitioner in the room, which you’re obviously not getting through a screen. The researchers are still scratching their heads over whether online Reiki actually does the business. Organisations like the Center for Reiki Research are busy poking and prodding at the practice to see what’s what.

At the end of the day, whether you give online Reiki a go boils down to your own beliefs and how game you are to give it a whirl.

Online Sound Healing

Like all spiritual disciplines that have sprung online, virtual sound healing seems to spark debate across the entire spectrum.

Proponents point to the focus on the listener themself. Studies published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology demonstrate that sound therapy can influence brainwave patterns and promote relaxation through specific frequencies. The key factor, then, may be your ability to focus on the sounds themselves,regardless of the source. A skilled practitioner can guide you through the phone session, explaining the intended effects of the sounds and facilitating a focused listening experience.

Accessibility is another advantage of phone-based sound healing. The convenience this format offers, especially for those with limited mobility or those who lack access to in-person practitioners, is undeniable. However, there are limitations to consider. Some believe the full power of sound healing comes from experiencing the vibrations throughout your body. This immersive aspect is undeniably absent in a phone session. Additionally, a 2017 study published in the journal PLOS One discusses the importance of high-fidelity sound reproduction for optimal music therapy (a close relative to sound healing). While phone speakers or headphones might deliver the core melodies, they might not be able to reproduce the full range and depth of the instruments used in sound healing, potentially hindering the experience.

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Ultimately, the effectiveness of sound healing through a phone depends on your individual preferences and openness to the method. If you’re curious, it might be worth trying a session with a qualified practitioner who is experienced in this format. Remember to ensure good sound quality on your end and approach the experience with an open mind and a willingness to focus on the sounds themselves.

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