DDW’s Favourite Ports For 2022
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DDW’s Favourite Ports For 2022

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Not much soothes the soul like a glass of port in the evening, after dinner or as a nightcap with a cigar. This fortified sweet wine has cemented itself in the hearts of wine lovers.

Hailing from Portugal’s second city, Porto, this sweet wine is made by fortifying wine with a traditional grape spirit, often aguardiente.

Just as France has Brandy, Portugal has port. However, not all ports are created equal. From Ruby to Tawny, here are our favourite ports for 2022.

A glass with port being poured into it.
Nothing hits the spot like an after-dinner glass of port. Credit: Ergita Sela

Fonseca Terra Prima Port Organic

This fine, and affordable, bottle has a warm and rich flavour with notes of cherry, plum and berries. It has a velvety texture which pairs it nicely with stilton cheeses after dinner.

Made by Fonseca, this organic port is incredible for its price — it’s hard to find a better value out there when it comes to port. At around $26 dollars a bottle, it is definitely worth picking up. 20 per cent alcohol by volume.

Credit: Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Quinta do Noval Colheita 2005 tawny

Quinta do Noval is known for its upstanding ports as anyone who has tasted it will know.

The Colheita is no different, it starts with a complex nuttiness accompanied by fruity flavours. A smooth texture with a soft tannic finish. Notes of caramel linger on the palate. It is an excellent port to go with pastry desserts — think almond tarts — or cheeses.

This red blend will run you approximately $65 a bottle and is worth every penny. 21 per cent alcohol by volume.

Port comes from vineyards in the Douro Valley, pictured here.
Port comes from grapes grown in the Douro Valley. Credit: Veronika Jorjobert

Sandeman Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage 2015

This port is intense and complex with notes of balsamic, rose, basil, red and blackberries and even spicy notes of black pepper. It has some acidity on the palate with robust tannins but a balanced finish.

An unfiltered port requires decanting — pour the wine into the decanter until you see sediment in the neck of the bottle.

Sandeman makes an excellent product, exemplified by its 2015 late bottle vintage. At just $25 a bottle, this port is basically a steal. 20 per cent alcohol by volume.

Barrels of Port in a Wine Cellar.
Vintage ports are aged for some time. Credit: Svetlana Gumerova

Warre’s Vintage Port 2016

This port is one you might want to save for a few years, although it is great today. However, ageing the bottle will add complexity to the wine.

As it stands now, the wine has floral notes followed by a hint of blackberries and cherries which are complemented by some acidity. The wine has a long, sweet finish.

Warre’s Vintage Ports are elegant, my recommendation is to open this bottle sometime around 2028. A bottle will run you around $90 dollars but it’s worth will go up the longer you keep it in your cellar. 20 per cent alcohol by volume.

Port, whether as an after-dinner treat, a complement to your cigar or even as a collector’s item to be enjoyed in the future — is good. These picks are great for the port expert or novice alike.

So, for 2022, why not add a few bottles to your cellar? Treat yourself to the luxury that is Portugal’s famed dessert wine.

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