David Lynch and Pharrell Open Surreal New Beach Bar In Ibiza
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David Lynch and Pharrell Open Surreal New Beach Bar In Ibiza

September 18, 2021 Share

Perhaps the most unimaginable collaboration ever? 

Well, maybe not. David Lynch and Pharrell Williams have more in common than you think. The two creatives have put their heads together to create a beach bar gone wild.

With the help of the designer, Miranda Makaroff, the entire interior will be set in a surrealist world. 

Called El Silencio, the venue is located right on the beach and is decorated with all kinds of ‘Lynchian’ weirdness, including giant fabric tentacles, giant lips, and swing seats. 

Hidden away in a lush cove on the east side of the island and backdropped by the serene Cala Moli, the beach house features four main spaces, including a restaurant, tapas bar, a private dining area and a chill-out area. 

Offering an array of screenings and events, El Silencio is serving up a plethora of delicious cocktails alongside a divine Baeleric-themed restaurant. 

While the artsy club and cocktail bar is something behold, the celeb-studded venture is backed by Pharrell Williams’s ToGo street-food group. 

The service will allow guests to order take-out to eat on the beach and gawk at the divine sunset views.

Pharrell Williams, known for his Grammy-winning work as a pop/R&B musician and producer, not to mention his huge No. 1 hit “Happy”, entered into the world of food and beverage this year.

After his successful restaurant launch in collaboration with David Grutman, his Miami new pastel tropical oasis, called Strawberry Moon, was a raging success. 

Situated in the Goodtime Hotel, the 30,000-square-foot outpost serves up a variety of casual Mediterranean dishes and cocktails aside from the hotel’s whimsical pastel Art Deco decor.

It soon became known as one of the best places to eat in Miami and according to Grutman, one of the most impressive.

“Cooking is a reflection of your parents, the energy, the love. Food is a connector and it’s a meeting place.” — Pharrell Williams

Miranda Makaroff, an artist with a penchant for Instagram-friendly installations, is known for her art that runs away from traditional conventions and establishments. It explores a visual universe stopping by no restrictions.

The entire scene is inspired by a time when Makaroff had an encounter with an octopus. On El Silencio’s Instagram account she explains:

“This installation revisits the magical encounter we had while spending a day in Formentera, just across the sea from Silencio Beach,” 

She goes on to say:

“We met an octopus that welcomed us with warm ‘hands’ – and embraced us. Like a true friend that interacted with us for a long time. A host that left us feeling as part of his universe and yearning to learn more from it.”


The club and its surrounding property are breathtaking. While the artsy club interiors are certainly strange, the outdoor seating and restaurant look like a slice of Spanish heaven. 

There’s even a pool, complete with a poolside menu. 

However, this isn’t the first time that Lynch has taken a dive into the club life. 

The American filmmaker and screenwriter, who was known for his uniquely disturbing and mind-bending visual work, already owns a famous French nightclub.

Back in 2011, he opened a club in Paris called Club Silencio inspired by his 2001 film Mulholland Drive.


This time his new Spanish counterpart is, however, much less formal and is open to the public Monday to Friday until the end of October.

So if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Ibiza anytime soon, make sure to get a reservation and check out this one-of-a-kind dining experience!

Get your food from Williams, your Instagram moments from Makaroff, and your vibes from Lynch.


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