Daddy Rabbit: Discreet New York Jazz Speakeasy Schedules New Event
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Daddy Rabbit: Discreet New York Jazz Speakeasy Schedules New Event

June 21, 2021 Share

Mark your calendars for July 2nd!

Exclusive jazz speakeasy Daddy Rabbit have scheduled a new show in Manhattan – and that’s about all we can tell you.

The events, which have taken place three times in undisclosed locations across Manhattan. So far, the events have been attended only by those who had heard of the speakeasys through word of mouth and requested tickets from organiser Misha Piatigorsky.

It’s reported that each event has around just 70 attendees, making them feel particularly exclusive!

Given the parallels between the 2020s and the Roaring 20s of a century ago, it’s no surprise that such events have started popping up! Daddy Rabbit’s events do, so far, seem to reflect the mood of the classic jazz speakeasy of the 1920s from the little information we know about what the events are like.

Reports say that attendees are gathered around the musicians, who sit in the centre of the venue – according to Misha, there are no boundaries between the band and the audience.

“You can sit right next to me at the piano, if you want,” he told The New York Times, who were granted exclusive access to a recent Daddy Rabbit event.

“We’re all intermingling to create this harmonious, joyful experience that people have been starved for.”

Further recreating the mood of decades past are the dress codes at Daddy Rabbit events. Having spent so long stuck inside over the last year, so many of us have started to favour dressing up to dressing down – and the glamourous attire amongst the crowd at these events appears to reflect this.

Overall, it looks as though Daddy Rabbit’s events are only set to grow in popularity as the world begins to return to normality. Those in the crowd appeared to agree.

“I could feel the love everywhere around me,” said recent attendee Jean Paul Nelson. “At a time like this, when everything’s reopening, that’s what’s going to bring the life back to this city.”

So, how do New Yorkers secure an invite for themselves?

As discussed, Daddy Rabbit’s venues and dates remain mostly undisclosed, so the only way to secure a seat is to get in touch with the company directly. After that, you’ll be placed on a mailing list and will receive a formal invite to an upcoming event, with a ticket cost of $40 per piece to cover the costs of the band and the bar staff.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be booking our tickets right away!

To secure your seat at the next Daddy Rabbit event, email the organizers at

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