These Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions In Tulum, Ibiza & Mykonos
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These Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions In Tulum, Ibiza & Mykonos

May 16, 2021 Share

Is it finally time to head out to your favourite summer destination?

With the CDC advising that fully-vaccinated American citizens can now travel overseas safely to some destinations and the UK government giving the green-light for overseas travel to a select list of destinations from May 17th, the summer getaway you’ve been waiting for now seems a lot more realistic. 

However, destinations across the world are currently under varying restrictions. Some classic vacation spots are still refusing entry to non-citizens, while some of the countries who are allowing international travellers into the country still look very different, with rules on social distancing, mask-wearing and other now familiar guidelines still in place. 

So, what does this mean for us? We checked out the current rules in three of our favourite destinations to get an idea of whether or not a summer vacation is on the cards at long last. 

Here are the current COVID-19 restrictions in Tulum, Ibiza & Mykonos. 


Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, where Tulum itself is situated, generally sees less than 100 new COVID-19 cases reported each day, with a current 7-day average of 60. However, in order to keep the situation from worsening, there are still restrictions on travel, social distancing, events and hospitality in place. 

Can I Travel To Tulum?

Citizens in the US are currently advised to avoid all travel to Mexico, with the CDC placing Mexico at a COVID-19 risk level of 4 (Very High)

Citizens of the United Kingdom are also currently advised to against travelling to Mexico, with Mexico being placed onto the Amber List by the government. However, this does present the possibility of Mexico being moved to the Green List when UK travel restrictions are reviewed on May 28th. 


Residents of Ibiza have recently been able to enjoy a little more freedom, with the island’s risk level being moved to Level 2 (Medium Risk) and restrictions being eased accordingly. However, the Balearic Islands, Ibiza being just one, are generally categorised alongside Spain when it comes to travel restrictions put in place by foreign governments. For this reason, there are still heavy restrictions placed on travel to Ibiza, despite cases in the area remaining low. 

Can I Travel To Ibiza?
In line with the travel recommendations given by the CDC, American citizens are currently being advised to avoid all travel to Spain, including to Ibiza, which has been given a risk level of 4 (Very High). The CDC have asked that even fully-vaccinated Americans do not attempt to travel to the country, due to the risk of spreading new variants of Coronavirus. 

As for UK citizens, Spain has been placed on the UK government’s Amber List, restricting all non-essential travel to the country. However, as the most popular holiday destination amongst the British population, it’s unknown whether or not Spain will be moved to the Green List to boost the UK’s travel industry in time for the summer. 


While much of Europe has started to see a steady fall in COVID-19 cases, Greece appears to be experiencing something of an uphill battle, with cases on a slow rise. However, the country has continued to push through with the lifting of some restrictions, allowing for the re-opening of beaches, bars and restaurants. In addition, the Greek government made the decision to allow tourists who test negative or have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 into the country – however, that doesn’t necessarily mean a green light for tourists from the US and UK looking to head out to Mykonos this summer. 

Can I Travel To Mykonos?

Greece remains at risk level 4 (Very High) according to the CDC – and this includes the island of Mykonos. This does, once again, mean that all Americans are currently advised to avoid all travel to the country, even if fully vaccinated. 

As for the UK, the story is very much the same. Greece is on the UK’s Amber List, meaning that UK citizens are restricted from travelling to Mykonos for any non-essential purposes. 

When Might Restrictions Change?

For citizens of both the US and UK, restrictions on travel are being monitored carefully and reviewed regularly, so there’s still hope for the summer! However, if you haven’t booked a trip yet, you may be best holding off until things are looking a little more optimistic. 
For the latest news on travel restrictions in these destinations and others across the world, US citizens should head to the CDC website, whilst UK residents can keep up to date on travel regulations on

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