Clemente Del Vecchio: The Youngest Billionaire in the World with an Eye on the Future
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Clemente Del Vecchio: The Youngest Billionaire in the World with an Eye on the Future

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At just 18, Clemente Del Vecchio inherited a fortune bigger than what you’re likely seeing in your entire lifetime.

At just 18 years old, Clemente Del Vecchio has recently made headlines as the world’s youngest billionaire. The son of the late Leonardo Del Vecchio, the founder of the premium eyewear company Luxottica Group, Clemente has inherited a significant fortune and is set to become a prominent figure in the world of business – although not much is known about him.

Born on May 14, 2004, in Milan, Italy, Clemente grew up in a family of wealth and privilege, that much is known. His father’s success in the eyewear industry gave him access to vast resources and opportunities. It is widely expected that he will eventually take over the family business and continue his father’s legacy, but for the time being he seems to have other plans. Focused on his studies and interests, he is said to have a keen interest in science and technology and has expressed a desire to attend college and pursue a career in these fields.

That being said, taking over the reigns of a previously built empire might not be Del Vecchio’s only venture; he is also interested in real estate, and reportedly owns several luxury properties in Italy, including a villa in Lake Como and an apartment in Milan.

Clemente’s Family Background

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The Del Vecchio’s are a notorious Italian business family led by Clemente’s father, who passed away last year. Founder of Luxottica Group, one of the largest eyewear companies in the world, Leonardo’s company Luxotica was started in 1961. It then continued to expand, eventually becoming a multinational corporation with brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Sunglass Hut under its umbrella.

Despite his success, Clemente’s father, Leonardo del Vecchio was a private individual who valued his family above all else. He was married twice and had four children, including Clemente, who was the youngest.

So How Much Does He Actually Own?

According to Spanish newspaper El Independiente, a lot. With Leonardo’s passing, Clemente only inherited 4% of his father’s shares in the matrix. The sum amounts to 3.767 million euros, which is significantly more than your average 18 year old pockets a month (or in their lifetime). With that money, it is said that Clemente has already ventured into the world of investment, taking some risks with the likes of FlixBus or Zoom.

Clemente Del Vecchio’s story is a testament to the power of inheritance and privilege. Born into a family of wealth and success, he has been given a unique opportunity to carve his own path in life. While his inheritance has certainly given him an advantage, it is clear that he has ambitions beyond simply taking over his father’s empire. By pursuing his interests in science, technology, and real estate, he is showing that he has the drive and determination to create his own success. As the world’s youngest billionaire, Clemente is in a position to make a real impact, and it will be fascinating to see where his journey takes him in the years to come.

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