Cher And Her Most Iconic Looks
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Cher And Her Most Iconic Looks

January 15, 2022 Share

Cher, formally known as the Goddess of Pop, holds a unique place in pop culture. How many artists can claim to have been relevant for more than six decades? Cher’s brilliance, adaptability, and ability to pull off some of the most outrageous ensembles have kept her in the spotlight and influenced generations of artists. It is of no surprise to us that her photos go viral on Instagram and that Gen-Z celebrities like Zendaya and Dua Lipa look to her for inspiration. Here are our favourite outfits worn by the icon herself. 


Cher and Sonny Bono, 1960

Cher can be seen posing next to a tree in a paisley boho suit with her partner and future husband, Sonny. Very 1960s indeed.


Cher, 1960 (Michael Ochs Archives)

Cher began to build an early image and was one of the first few performers to assign a signature look to their music style, with all the fur and bell bottoms you could imagine.


Cher at the Rocky Horror Show premiere, 1974

While attending the LA premiere of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cher chose to sport sass in a matching crop top and trousers with a patchwork coat.


Cher at the Met Gala, 1974 (Ron Galella)

Bob Mackie, with whom she is pictured arriving at the 1974 Met Gala with, designed this feathery and jewel-encrusted ensemble. Decades later, the naked gown became a red carpet trend. Truly iconic. 


Cher at a portrait session, 1978

For a Bob Mackie portrait session, Cher poses in a bright blue full-body leotard and silver knee-high boots. 


Cher at the Oscars, 1986 (AP Images)

In one of her most memorable and iconic red carpet looks of all time, Cher wore a sparkly showgirl-inspired two-piece and a towering headpiece by Bob Mackie to the Oscars because the Academy didn’t take her seriously as an actress. She stated that the Mohawk dress “made me feel like a queen.”


Cher in her Believe era, 1999

In her Believe era, Cher chose to bejewel her hair. Fair enough we say. 


Cher performing at ‘The Farewell Tour,’ 2004

Performing in London for ‘The Farewell Tour,’  Cher was head to toe glitz. Luckily for us, we weren’t ready to say farewell to Cher and it turns out she wasn’t ready to say farewell to us either. 


Cher during her ‘Here We Go Again’ tour, 2019

In another iconic move from Cher, she called her next tour ‘Here We Go Again’ and opened it in a gladiator-inspired bodysuit and giant orange wig. Oh to be Cher. 


Cher attended the Academy of Motion Pictures Gala with Bob Mackie in a monochromatic hat and blazer with leopard print flares. A chaotic outfit that sums up 2021 pretty nicely. She pulls it off though, of course.


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