Brad Pitt | The Golden Era Return For An Icon In Hollywood
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Brad Pitt | The Golden Era Return For An Icon In Hollywood

August 23, 2022 Share

American actor and film producer Brad Pitt returns to Hollywood at full steam ahead with leading roles in adrenaline-fueled Bullet Train and a mysterious Formula One flick produced by Lewis Hamilton. 

Brad Pitt needs no introduction. He is a sex symbol of a generation, an actor with many talents and a producer with numerous awards– including an Oscar. However, his return to Hollywood has left fans wondering where he has been and what’s next for the 58-year-old.

There might be some truth to the idea that your forties are for doing and your fifties are for reaping the rewards. But as Pitt nears his golden age, he seems to be going all in with four movies on the cards. 

Brad Pitt
Portrait of Brad Pitt. Pinterest. Photographer Mikael Jansson/Brioni.

These include an untitled film made by first-time producer Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, the high-octane blockbuster Bullet Train, a Jon Watts movie starting as a co-star alongside George Clooney and his comeback appearance in Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City. He is also set to appear as Clark Gable in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon later this year.

Almost six years after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actor stepped away from the excruciating spotlight and didn’t appear in the media as often as he once did. But it’s good to see the long-haired American back on track.

Despite having a full head of hair, Brad Pitt is now “well into ‘Mid-Life Crisis Territory’ at his ripe age”, says Grazia. Unfortunately for him, however, he already has a six-pack and several mansions. 

Brad Pitt
Picture of Brad Pitt. Pinterest. Photographer Mikael Jansson/Brioni

But one thing for sure is that Pitt is going out in style. Gone are the days when the LA dad wore a black and white tie, battered jeans and flannel shirts – now, the rejuvenated legend is dripping in private labels, artsy elements like Apple green funk suits and now skirts.

So, let’s be clear here, whether Brad Pitt appears on the big screen or not, his legion of fans will not leave his legacy high and dry. Who would have known that the icon who once wore a chicken suit for a living to starring in the first Pringle advert in 1989 would ascend to the Hollywood Olympus?

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