Bora Bora  — The Best Of The South Pacific
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Bora Bora — The Best Of The South Pacific

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Bora bora conjures up images of serene blue waters and white sand beaches, punctuated by luxury hotels on top of the water — and for good reason.

This small island group rises from the vast Pacific as if from nowhere. Formed by a now-dormant volcano, it is an oasis in a vast desert.

The island is technically a part of France, meaning that visitors from the US and UK, and much of the rest of the Western world, need nothing but a passport to get to the far-flung paradise.

Overwater accommodation from the air in Bora Bora.
Bora Bora is known for its iconic overwater bungalows. Credit: Thomas Stadler

Where to stay?

The first decision you need to make while booking your holiday is where to stay on the island. For this, I recommend the St Regis Bora Bora Resort.

This popular, five-star resort right on the island’s pristine lagoon is best known for its iconic over-water bungalows. This accommodation is synonymous with luxury.

A mountain with overwater accommodation and the ocean in the foreground in Bora Bora.
Credit: Damien Chaudet

From your room, take a dip in the lagoon or use your private pool right outside your window. Don’t think that the perfect views and the sea breeze don’t come with amenities — each room is fully equipped with WIFI, TVs, surround-sound speakers as well as espresso machines and fully stocked bars. You aren’t giving up comfort for beauty.

For dining, the resort has several upscale restaurants serving anything from French Polynesian to Italian. A concierge can arrange for you to dine in a remote and beautiful location. Did I mention there is an upscale cocktail bar right on the beach? Of course, there is.

A sail boat on the water in front of a mountain in Bora Bora.
Credit: Ryan Geller

Guests can enjoy a spa day at the resort’s world-class spa and book excursions through the hotel.

Rooms start at around $2,300 and run all the way to around $6,300 per night for more spacious accommodation.

Bora Bora Activities

So, you have booked the perfect room to relax in and take it easy. But what if you are the adventurous type? The one who can’t sit still for too long? Not to worry, as relaxing as Bora Bora is, there are a plethora of activities that guests can choose from around the island.

Bora Bora is all about the sea. The food, the culture, everything revolves around the mighty pacific. The excursions are no different.

Why not try your hand at feeding the sharks? That’s right, the species of shark native to the lagoon are considered harmless to humans and can be fed on a guided tour.

Sharks under the water.
The intrepid can hand-feed sharks. Credit: Tomas Gonzalez de Rosenzweig

Snorkelers and divers can explore the pristine reefs and view the thousands of species of fish and marine life that call this island paradise home.

For those who are a bit nervous getting into the water, glass-bottom boats or even kayaks are on offer to view the reef from the comfort of the surface.

Travellers can rent underwater scooters and jet skis and partake in any number of water sports. If you fancy exploring the island, quad-bike tours of the land are available.

This island is one of the best in the South Pacific in terms of luxury and excitement.  So, book a flight, bring a swimsuit and load up on sun cream — Bora Bora awaits.

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