Best Ski Resorts to Visit in Switzerland
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Best Ski Resorts to Visit in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a true haven for any skier, with its low-altitude mountains, tremendous peaks with near-vertical drops, stunning glaciers and, of course, its beautiful Alpine forests.

Switzerland takes pride in the fact that it’s home to some of Europe’s – and the world’s – most beautiful winter resorts with everything you can ask for.

There are quite a few popular destinations that tourists love visiting, each becoming a smart investment option – many people are now looking to buy a property in Switzerland.

Once you arrive in Switzerland, you can choose your accommodation from several excellent hotels, resorts and beautiful remote ski chalets

So, what are the best ski resorts in Switzerland that you need to consider? Take a look below.




Verbier belongs to the Four Valleys ski area, which is also home to Thyon, Veysonnaz, and Nendaz.

This is a truly magical place that is slowly becoming one of the most desired winter destinations for thousands of tourists all around the globe. Skiers adore Verbier because it has well-laid-out tracks perfect for long-distance skiing, and it has excellent backcountry terrain that also makes Verbier a top option for off-piste skiing.

Some expert skiers flock to the Verbier ski resort because of the famous Tortin. This is one of the continent’s steepest descents set on a natural terrace with views of the Grand Combin and the Mont Blanc group.

Of course, since Verbier was awarded the title of the country’s best ski resort a couple of years back, you should expect lodging here to be a little more expensive. You’ll have no problems finding excellent accommodation for your specific needs; just be prepared to pay more for a top-class experience.


German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote about the mountain village of Andermatt in the 18th century, and he was the first person that draw attention to Andermatt and its beauty.

Today, Andermatt is less than 32 km from Lucerne in the Ursern Valley and is the starting point for the picture books of the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, the largest ski area in Central Switzerland.

Here you will find Gemsstock, a 3,000-meter high ski paradise for professionals and cross-country skiers, as well as the Nätschen Gütsch and Sedrun Oberalp Pass areas, which are more suitable for beginners and advanced skiers.

It is worth spending a long day on the slopes from Andermatt to Disentis on the apres-ski train, which offers food, drinks, music, and a rich mountain panorama.

Expect to pay between $77 to $87 for a peak-season day pass if you decide to visit Andermatt. This pass will grant you access to 16 lifts and around 30 runs that span 60-plus miles.


Imagine enjoying the views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, as you cruise down the slopes at Crans-Montana. This is both a skier’s and a snowboarder’s heaven, with high peaks reaching nearly 10,000 feet.

When you visit this complex in the French area of Valais to ski the Plaine Death glacier, and if you’re lucky, you can catch some of the World Cup atmospheres since competitions are often organized at the resort.

After all, Crans-Montana became famous for alpine skiing in 1987 when it was home to the World Championships. Surely you would like to feel that kind of adrenaline while you are there.




Welcome to the highest winter sports region in the Alps, where you can enjoy ski terrains at various altitudes (between 2,400 and 4,000 meters) and the magnificent 2,100 meters of drop, which is the greatest Switzerland has to offer.

The Matterhorn’s pyramid rises behind the town and can be seen from the mountain’s gigantic trail system, which is a link between two countries and three resort towns.

The other side of this magical place is in Italy, and skiing over the Theodul Pass and down into the Italian trail system is one of the greatest moments in a skier’s life. At least that’s what most skiers say.

The “Matterhorn glacier ride” transports 2,000 skiers per hour to the Matterhorn Glacier, which is 3,800 meters above sea level and it’s open all the time.

On top of that, the Kummer gondola, the first in Switzerland that can operate without staff, was introduced in 2020. It can take you to the Unterrothorn area, where you can see a new snow-generating system that’s still a rare novelty in the world.


Finally, we come to Davos, which is the highest official town in Europe.

It is located at more than 1,500m, but its peaks cap out at over 2,800m. Find this place in Graubunden, and if you love skiing, you can enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing within Davos’ boundaries.

This place dates back to 1213, when the area was first mentioned as an immigration spot for the Rhaeto-Romans. Tourism flourished in the region in the early 1900s, but it has slowed down a bit since then.

However, all that makes Davos a unique but less crowded area where you can spend your next winter holiday.

The day pass will cost you almost $78, and you will get access to 56 lifts and 85 runs. The runs are great for both beginner and experienced skiers.

Final words

Skiing, fine-dining, relaxing, exploring… You name it, Switzerland has it. Simply put, these places are small paradises that will surely amaze you in every way possible.

If you can’t decide on one specific spot to visit, you can write down a couple of them and visit them all later on. Remember, these ski resorts are not only the best you can find in Switzerland, but some of them are the best you can find in the whole world.

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