Best London Restaurants Opening This Summer 2024
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Best London Restaurants Opening This Summer 2024

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Beat summer’s chill with London’s hottest new restaurants! French, Mediterranean, plant-based & more. 

We’re hungry – for both food and good weather. But whilst there’s not much any Londoner can do about the state of this year’s summer, we can certainly arm ourselves with the capital’s hottest restaurant openings. From impeccable decor to food with a twist, here are the restaurants that have made the DDW cut for summer 2024.

Camille, Borough

Image courtesy of Camille

Nestled in the heart of Borough Market, Camille offers a taste of modern French cuisine. This unassuming bistro champions fresh, local ingredients, with a menu that changes daily to reflect the market’s bounty. The cozy space features a classic Parisian charm, complete with a semi-open kitchen and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. What truly sets Camille apart is its focus on innovative yet comforting French dishes, executed with a light touch, making it a perfect spot for a delightful and authentic French dining experience.

Chez Roux, Marylebone

Image courtesy of Chez Roux

In Marylebone, Chez Roux delivers a delightful culinary experience that blends British nostalgia with Michel Roux Jr.’s French finesse. The restaurant resides within The Langham Hotel’s elegant Palm Court, offering a sophisticated ambience with plush seating and warm lighting. The menu showcases a unique fusion of British classics like Welsh rarebit alongside French staples reimagined through Roux’s expert lens. This charming combination, along with the opportunity to experience the Roux legacy in a prestigious setting, makes Chez Roux a truly special destination for discerning diners.

Lita, Marylebone

Image courtesy of B3 Designers

Hitting the Marylebone scene with vibrant energy is Lita, a contemporary restaurant focused on the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean which is a restaurants that opened up this summer 2024. Led by Irish chef Luke Ahearne, Lita’s menu is a seasonal celebration, showcasing fresh produce cooked with a focus on open fire techniques. The restaurant itself boasts a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere. Imagine 80 light-filled covers with exposed timber beams, while a terrace option allows diners to soak up the summer vibes. What sets Lita apart is Chef Ahearne’s innovative approach. He takes inspiration from various Southern European cuisines, resulting in dishes that are bold, flavorful, and showcase a modern twist on classic Mediterranean fare.

Wood St Bear, Walthamstow

Image courtesy of Hot Dinners

Wood St Bear isn’t quite a restaurant in the traditional sense. Located in Walthamstow, it’s a trendy bar focused on craft beers, natural wines, and good vibes. Instead of a full menu, expect a more casual selection of small plates to complement your drinks. The decor is informal and inviting, perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. What truly sets Wood St Bear apart is its connection to the local community. DJ and resident Simon Bear curates the music selection, ensuring a soundtrack that’s always fresh and exciting. This focus on local talent and a love for good tunes makes Wood St Bear a unique spot for a fun and social night out.

Plates, Shoreditch 

Image courtesy of Plates Shoreditch

Plates, located in the heart of Shoreditch, is a plant-based restaurant that pushes the boundaries of vegetarian cuisine. Chef Kirk Haworth, who won the Great British Menu in 2024, crafts a playful and innovative menu that celebrates the wonders of nature on your plate. The intimate space features a sleek, modern design, with a focus on sustainability reflected in the materials and practices. What makes Plates truly special is its commitment to showcasing the full potential of plant-based cuisine. Haworth’s creative genius transforms vegetables into flavor explosions, offering a truly unique and delicious dining experience even for non-vegetarians.

Holy Carrot, Notting Hill

Image courtesy of Holy Carrot

Holy Carrot in Notting Hill is a game-changer for vegan fine dining, and one of the best restaurants opening in 2024. Tucked amidst the colorful streets of Portobello Road, it offers a chic and sophisticated ambiance with a focus on creative, vegetable-forward cuisine. The recently opened flagship restaurant boasts a dedicated commitment to sustainability and low-waste practices.

Holy Carrot stands out for its innovative take on plant-based dining. Their menu isn’t just about replacing meat with substitutes; it’s about celebrating the inherent flavors and textures of vegetables. Expect a constantly evolving menu that highlights seasonal produce, alongside a dedicated cocktail bar offering unique plant-based concoctions. This combination of delicious food, stylish surroundings, and a strong commitment to sustainability makes Holy Carrot a must-visit for any discerning diner, vegan or not.

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