Behind the Glamour: Unveiling the Meticulous Beauty Rules of High-Flying Cabin Crew
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Behind the Glamour: Unveiling the Meticulous Beauty Rules of High-Flying Cabin Crew

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From ultra specific ring requirements to hiding tattoos, airlines have always been picky about their cabin crew’s beauty standards. You just don’t know the half of it.

Imagine soaring 35,000 feet above the ground, surrounded by luxury and impeccable service. But have you ever wondered about the hidden world of beauty standards that cabin crew must uphold to create this captivating experience? Beyond their radiant smiles and poised demeanor, there lies a carefully crafted set of rules that bring an aura of elegance and professionalism to the skies. Let’s embark on a narrative journey and explore the intriguing world of beauty standards for cabin crew.

Image courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

The Glimpse Behind the Curtains

As the aircraft takes off, the cabin crew stands tall, looking pristine in their perfectly tailored uniforms. But, unbeknownst to most passengers, the journey of attaining this flawless image begins long before they step onboard. Here’s a peek into the beauty standards that make these professionals truly shine:

The Physical Perfection

First impressions matter, and airlines know this all too well. Jet Airways sets the tone by looking for pleasing personalities, clear complexions (no scars, pimples, or blemishes), and good eyesight in their cabin crew candidates. Emirates goes the extra mile, demanding an arm reach of 212 cm (83 inches) while standing on tiptoes, ensuring they can effortlessly access overhead compartments even in towering heels.

Beyond the Surface: Experience Counts

While physical appearance is essential, airlines recognize the value of experience in delivering top-notch service. Alaska Airlines looks for at least two years of customer or community service experience in their applicants. This ensures that the cabin crew possesses the necessary skills to handle diverse passenger needs and create a comfortable environment.

The Art of Disguising: Tattoos and Nicotine

In the sky, every detail counts, right down to concealable tattoos. British Airways strictly prohibits tattoos on the feet, as they cannot be hidden by the classic court-style shoes required. Moreover, hosiery must not exceed 15 deniers, ensuring that no tattoos are visible.

Alaska Airlines takes the commitment to appearance further by demanding that applicants be free of all nicotine use for at least six months before applying. This ensures that cabin crew members present a fresh and polished image, even on long-haul flights.

The Right Height and BMI

Airlines have specific height requirements to ensure uniformity and ease of movement within the aircraft. Ryanair seeks applicants between 5’2″ (1.57m) and 6’2″ (1.88m) in height, with weight in proportion. Meanwhile, Czech Airlines uses the Body Mass Index (BMI) to calculate weight and requires a BMI between 19 and 24.9, ensuring that crew members maintain a healthy appearance. A BMI above the acceptable range could be a disheartening obstacle for aspiring cabin crew, as noted by the airline.

Appearance During Service: The Fine Details

Once hired, the cabin crew must adhere to an array of grooming standards that complement their luxurious uniforms:

Keeping it Classy: Accessories and Hairstyles

United Airlines allows a total of four rings, but no more than two on each hand. Hawaiian Airlines emphasizes the importance of well-groomed hands and nails, with nail length not exceeding an eighth of an inch beyond the fingertip.

JetBlue advises against wearing accessories that clash with the uniform, while Allegiant Air requires the use of lipstick or gloss to complement facial features, with lip liner used in moderation.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hair

American Airlines sets the tone for hair grooming, emphasizing the removal of noticeable hair in nostrils, ears, or underarms. Hairstyles should not exceed three inches in fullness and may not wave or curl outward to extreme volume.

JetBlue‘s guidelines call for a single ponytail secured behind the ears and centered on the back of the head, not higher than the tops of the ears and no longer than the tops of the shoulders.

Image courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

The world of cabin crew beauty standards is a captivating journey that begins with the application process and extends throughout a flight attendant’s career. From physical requirements to grooming details, every aspect plays a vital role in creating an ambiance of elegance and luxury in the skies.

Next time you board a luxurious flight, take a moment to appreciate the dedication and effort of the cabin crew who blend beauty, sophistication, and professionalism, ensuring that your experience soars above the clouds.

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