Beautiful Côte D’Azur – A People-watchers Paradise And The Hottest Of Hotspots  
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Beautiful Côte D’Azur – A People-watchers Paradise And The Hottest Of Hotspots  

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Côte D’Azur is more than just a playground for the rich and famous, its stunning coastline, hotels, restaurants and casinos attract visitors from all over the world – and it’s easy to see why.

Enormous yachts, casinos and plush hotels come foremost to the mind when you picture the Côte D’Azur, known in common parlance as the French Riviera.

With summer upon us, and the Cannes Film Festival in full flow, we unleash some jaw-dropping holiday destinations for you to ponder. Because, right now, the Southeast of France is where you want to be seen and and mingle with the A-listers.

Côte D’Azur
The colourful seaside city of Menton. Photo by Planetware.

From Menton on the east to Toulon on the west, this Mediterranean haven coastline is known for views, beaches and playgrounds for the wealthy. It also has charming art and culture scenes to fuel your every passion. 

While true Mediterranean magic is found in the scented vegetation, silver beaches, secluded islands and perched medieval perched like Grimaud and La Garde Freinet. You can also choose to escape to the beautiful unspoilt landscapes of the Îles d’Hyères, an unforgettable group of four islands.

Côte D’Azur
The colourful town of Villefranche-sur-Mer. Photo by Planetware.

This is in contrast to the beachcomber charm of La Croix Valmer. Reputed for the quality of its swimming waters, Gigaro beach is one of the greatest and most famous. And why not endure the flashy joy of its neighbour, St-Tropez, an excellent one-stop shop for staying in glamorous beach resorts like the Villa Cosy Hotel & Spa

When arriving in France, you should fly to Nice if you’re intimidated by the idea of driving France’s skinny roads and endless blind corners. Nice has natural substance as a major city, while Monaco intrigues visitors with its tax-haven opulence.

Côte D’Azur
Hilltop Village of Eze. Photo by Planetware.

Even though Monaco is the 2nd smallest sovereign country in the world, after Vatican City, the land of the rich and famous is known for being one where money flows like water. Monaco is a destination that is constantly reinventing itself, and with a rich history and culture, it also has some of the world’s most luxurious hotels to wine and dine in.

But one stands out above the rest — the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo. The majestic hotel is set like a breathtaking tableau on Casino Square, with the scenic Prince’s Palace and the Mediterranean as a backdrop. 

Côte D’Azur
The prestigious Monaco harbour. Photo by Planetware.

So if you are looking for a summer getaway, then the Côte D’Azur (or French Riviera), famed for its beautiful blues and air of sophistication, should be top of your list. 

I have always associated it with film stars schmoozing on yachts in Cannes and glamorous ladies holidaying in Monaco. But if you are like me and need to tick this extravagant Côte D’Azur coastline off your bucket list – the time is now.

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