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Be More Like Bond

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No Time To Die means no better time to embody the spy than now…(even if you’re not Tom Hardy)

After going undercover earlier this year, 007 is back and making global headlines. The British spy is scheduled to return to the big screen on November 12th with No Time To Die, the fifth and final film featuring Daniel Craig as the world’s most famous agent. 

No Time To Die follows Bond as he is recruited back into action to chase a mysterious villain that has kidnapped a scientist with access to a dangerous new technology that could kill millions. Reportedly the most exciting film to date, it is a love-letter of sorts to the almost 60 year old franchise by director Cary Joji Fukunaga. 

As with previous instalments, many of the Bond traditions are carried through in the film; James Bond’s de rigueur classic Aston Martin, harem of beautiful women, far-flung exotic travel destinations and plethora of deadly gadgets all making an appearance. Indeed, if the trailer to the 25th instalment of the franchise is any indication … this promises to be one hell of a film.

And although we may have to wait until November to see Bond’s exploits in their entirety, we can indulge our inner spy by trying to live like ‘Her Majesty’s Most Dangerous Weapon’ in the meantime:

First stop is getting some worthwhile wheels – No Time To Die features no fewer than four iconic Aston Martins: the classic DB5, the V8 and two new ones; the  DBS Superleggera supercar and the Valhalla hypercar. This list of choices makes for some tough decisions – but we suppose you can never go wrong with Bond’s original DB5 – a classic is a classic for a reason (if you one can afford the hefty price tag).

Second is a sturdy, reliable watch. The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition built from tough titanium is Bond’s preferred timepiece. This latest Omega also features an innovative titanium mesh bracelet, as well as military-style engravings and a vintage appearance thanks to its “tropical” brown aluminium dial and bezel.

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said of the watch; “Bond’s military experience is a fundamental part of 007’s character, so it is fitting that OMEGA’s new design so cleverly reflects that aspect of his identity. Bond and OMEGA have been synonymous for almost a quarter of a century now, so as we prepare to launch the 25th Bond movie, the timing is perfect to launch the new Bond watch.”

But cars and watches aside – to truly live like Bond, one must be a bon vivant, and what better way to do that than to escape to a far off land with a casual love interest? Pack your Globe Trotter suitcases and head off to these three exotic (and real-life film location) destinations:


Like for many Brits ‘la bella Italia’ has always been an object of fascination for Bond. Attracted by the unbridled beauty of its countryside and the magnificence of its ancient cultures, our favourite spy cannot seem to get enough of Italy. 

In No Time To Die we see Commander Bond on holiday in Matera, Basilicata – a town famous for its archaic caves and homes carved into the rocky mountainside and its sepia-coloured surroundings. From there, he ventures to Spiaggia dell’Arco Magno and then avoids capture in Sapri (near Salerno), providing an Instagram-worthy delectable tour of the Italian peninsula. 

Spiaggia dell’Arco Magno

However, this is most certainly not Bond’s first sojourn in Italy, having made his mark in Venice at the historic Danieli Hotel (in Moonraker), had cocktails at the Cala di Volpe in Sardinia’s Porto Cervo (The Spy Who Loved Me), got even at the Villa La Gaeta in Lago di Como (Casino Royale), met his match at the Villa di Fiorano in Rome (Quantum of Solace) and hit the slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo from the Miramonti Majestic (For Your Eyes Only). 


The Caribbean has been at the centre of many of Bond’s film exploits since the very beginning. In fact, creator Ian Fleming wrote most of the novels from his Jamaican home, aptly named Goldeneye. Various films have featured the island and its lush landscape and crystal blue waters, including; Dr. No (Sean Connory’s first appearance as Bond) in 1962, Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die in 1973 (also his first appearance) and now once again in 2020 for Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die.

Goldeneye, Jamaica

For those looking to live the Bond highlife there can be no better place than staying at Fleming’s original villa or at one of the extended cottages and modern villas that were built on the grounds after his death. It is said that the location is so special that the creative muses surround it. And it must be true; not only did Fleming write a new Bond novel every winter there but also Sting wrote the hit, ‘Every Breath You Take’ and Bono wrote the theme song to the GoldenEye film while staying there.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Island

Nestled in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway are Denmark’s Faroe Islands. Composed of an archipelago of 18 rocky, volcanic islands connected by tunnels, ferries, causeways and bridges, these natural wonders offer dramatic views and stunning countryside. No Time To Die reportedly features yet-unreleased scenes in the islands shot by helicopter. For the adventurous traveller, these can be reached from London via direct flight or via Copenhagen. Whilst there, check out the 2 Michelin star restaurant ‘Koks’ for an unbeatable dinning experience in the far north of the Northern hemisphere. 

And for those of you that just want to relish in the glory of all things Bond without having to travel too far – check into Spy Manor; a villa in Portugal’s Algarve region built specifically in honour of the great spy. The house comes complete with film memorabilia, themed areas and even a garage filled with cars from the original Bond films. A true fan’s dream…

Spy Manor - Algarve, Portugal
Spy Manor – Algarve, Portugal

UP NEXT: Travel the world and make wine….

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