This Bank Holiday: Dine In Style At Home
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This Bank Holiday: Dine In Style At Home

May 8, 2020 Share

Dress up your table and have a banquet for your household

Whether you are spending this time solo or accompanied by your household, we can bet that you are probably spending a fair amount of it either cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, or at the very least – eating. 

As a DDW reader, we know that you like to surround yourself with the finer things. Although it is presently impossible to go out and enjoy the wondrously decadent locations you are used to; there is still a way to dine in luxury and we’re here to show you how. 

A perfect combination of colours and textures
A perfect combination of colours and textures

Step one is to create the perfect tablescape or table dressing on your dining room table; a setting so idyllic that it is worthy of a whole new art form. Why? It has been scientifically proven that the environment in which we eat enhances our enjoyment of food and how we perceive flavours.

So – let’s get started: to begin with, you will need to plan a theme or colour palate to dress your table: this can be literally anything from the season (Spring?) to a colour combination (navy & white, for example) or anything else that inspires you.

Get creative and search your home for items to build your first tablescape with; use glassware, plates, plants, candles and quirky elements you might find and love. If you need anything else or fancy a change, check out: Etsy, Ebay, Wayfair and Amazon for some great inexpensive items to add to your collection or upscale it at Oka, The Conran Shop, Habitat, Harrods and Liberty London.

Here are some amazing Instagrams to follow for inspiration….–/
Serena Fresson; AKA the queen of tablescapeing
HABITAT x Emma Jane Palin
The princess of tablescapeing, Alice Naylor-Leyland

We guarantee that in a short amount of time you will fall in love with this table art and it will it will elevate your home dining experience to a new level. If nothing else, it will give you a creative outlet and hopefully it will be a bit of fun! Imagine how amazed your friends will be when they can finally come over for dinner 🙂 🥂

In the meantime, make your perfect table and accompany it with a perfect meal. Our friends at Wheely are delivering from the city’s best restaurants, everywhere from Zuma, Sushi Samba, Chuc’s and Hide, simply call the restaurant, place your order and a chauffeur will deliver to your door. Or, try Deliveroo and get a delicious meal from Meraki, the London’s best award-winning Mediterranean food (try the lamb shoulder!).

If you prefer to make your own feast, check out our exclusive Michelin recipes by Rafael Cagali here or try Chefly, an incredible new food delivery service of pre-made chef-cooked meals ready for heating.


Bon appétit and send us pictures of your table scapes to @dontdiewondering on Instagram and Twitter.

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