As Seen On Screen: The Very Best Airbnbs From The World Of TV & Film
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As Seen On Screen: The Very Best Airbnbs From The World Of TV & Film

February 7, 2021 Share

Get Ready To Star In Your Very Own Vacation On-Location

You’ve no doubt spent plenty of time catching up on your favourite TV shows and revisiting your favourite films over the last year, so where better for your next trip away than staying in the very homes where they were made? Thanks to Airbnb, you can!

Here are just a few of the homes available to book on Airbnb that you may just recognise from the big screen…

Vincent Chase’s Mansion From Entourage

Los Angeles, California

This incredible Tuscan-inspired villa, located in the affluent Los Angeles neighoburhood of Los Feliz, may be familiar to fans of HBO’s Entourage, as it served as the home of Vincent Chase. You might have also spotted this luxurious home before if you’ve tuned in to reality TV series such as The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills and The Bachelorette! After all, it’s the home’s many appearances on television that earned it the title of ‘the best place to pretend you’re a celebrity for a day’ in LA Weekly.

Star-studded history aside, the main draw of the home is its incredible architecture, stunning pool and breathtaking city view. The suite at the villa sleeps two, making it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. 

Villanelle’s Apartment From Killing Eve 

Barcelona, Spain

Fans of BBC’s heartstopping drama Killing Eve are sure to recognise this incredible rustic apartment in the city of Barcelona, as it appeared as one of Villanelle’s many luxurious European homes. 

If you prefer a small, cosy place to stay during your trip, then this might not be the one for you – the ‘Architect’s Flat’ (as it’s listed on Airbnb) features incredibly spacious living and sleeping areas, as well as romantic industrial interior design throughout. It’s wonderfully unique and couldn’t be in a better location – the apartment is located in the stylish neighbourhood of Gracia, just a short distance from the incredible Mount Tibidabo.

The Tour Bus From Spiceworld

Isle Of Wight, UK

Here’s one for the 90s kids. If you grew up listening to The Spice Girls or even just enjoyed their 1997 movie Spiceworld, we’re sure you’ll delight in the opportunity to stay in the original tour bus that provided the girls’ home-on-the-road in the film. 

The interior has been converted into a much more luxurious living space – though it still features some girl power-themed touches, of course! However, the exterior remains just as it was, along with the driver’s seat used by rockstar Meatloaf throughout the movie. To make it even better, the bus is parked right next to a stunning island marina, providing glorious lakeside views.

Marianne & Connell’s Holiday Home From Normal People

Lazio, Italy

If you found yourself watching Marianne, Connell and friends enjoying this incredible Italian setting on holiday and wished that you could do the same, then look no further. This stunning traditional farmhouse is nestled among the incredible hills of Sant’Oreste, offering breathtaking poolside views of the surrounding mountains. After a long day of relaxing by the pool, retiring to the interior of the house will leave you feeling disconnected from the stress of the modern age, as it remains entirely traditional inside. 

This the perfect ‘get away from it all’ location for your first trip after such a stressful time, so certainly worth a visit whether you are a fan of the show or not.

Godric’s Hollow House From Harry Potter

Lavenham, UK

While this home may not appear on screen all that often in Harry Potter, having been used to represent the home where he was born, those fleeting scenes still leave you reeling from just how charming the building looks!

This delightful Tudor home in the 15th-century village of Lavenham still features much of its original timber and brickwork, as well as a traditional look throughout, with many original interior features (fireplaces and beams) intact, making this ideal not just for Harry Potter fans, but for history lovers, too. 

Where will you be booking first?

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