Art Is Officially Cancelled | What Would Life Be Without It?
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Art Is Officially Cancelled | What Would Life Be Without It?

January 17, 2022 Share

What if it were true? What if the world had no art? Imagine waving bye-bye to paintings, artists, film, theatre and musicians! Oh my! Do we want that?

I was reading about this idea of cancel culture the other day when it hit me. 

If we, as this ever-growing online community are powerful enough to ‘delete’ an individual human being from our Google search engines, like cancel culture, what is stopping us from cancelling even bigger things like places or even categories like art?

Well for one – I would be out of a job.

But just imagine…what would it be like if we simply said no more art? 

When you think about it art is part of our everyday lives. Even more so when it comes to the online world packed with social media influences and creators alike. 

But it means more than that. 

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When you wake up in the morning and choose a particular colour of your outfit or arrange your hair in a specific way – you are being artistically creative.

Imagining the world without art would be imagining our self without eyebrows. There would be nobody to make movies, music or paint. 

And at the same time, there would be nobody who would watch those movies, listen to music or go to those art galleries. 

The world of art binds eternity into one soul, so without the art present among us, the evolution would be like a lubricating agent that causes friction, making no sense at all. 

Indeed, we see it all around us — from the decorated interior of our humble abodes to the myriad of man-made marvels that lace our bustling streets. 

Cars, clothes, consumer goods. Music, movies and even dare I say it, a banana duct-taped to a wall. 

The art world can be ridiculous. This is what artist, Maurizio Cattelan, thought when he created his art piece Comedian. It sold for over $120,000 at Art Basel in 2019. Image: Rhona Wise/EPA.

Crazy right?

Everything we create is made from art.

But far too many of us take it for granted as if it will always be there. And due to its necessity and accessibility, it always will.

This is because arts are woven into us.

To the best of our knowledge, art has existed in all times and all cultures throughout human history. 

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When anything has that kind of persistence in humanity, scientists assume that whatever it has survival qualities – that there is something about it that helps human beings to survive more successfully.

Art, therefore, does that in some way. I believe that it may be because of its ability to communicate on non-verbal levels, and therefore more deeply, about matters that are of very critical concern to human beings, such as love and death and hope and compassion.

The beauty and value of art are that it should be for everyone; it enables anyone – no matter what their background, social upbringing, or ethnicity – the freedom to express themselves.

We consume art, not as an innate desire, but as a fundamental human need. It is as important as the food on our plates.

But the harsh reality is it needs a market to survive. 

Just like everything else.


Author: Michelle Laver