Around the World in 10 Parties: A Raver’s Guide to The Ultimate  Party Destinations
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Around the World in 10 Parties: A Raver’s Guide to The Ultimate Party Destinations

December 4, 2023 Share

There’s a party destination for every single type of raver. What’s yours?

In the world of night owls and neon lights, every party destination is a unique universe inhabited by its own species of partygoers. From sunset parties in Ibiza to warehouse raves in the depths of Berlin, there is a nightlife hotspot for every kind of partygoer. Because of this, different destinations have gathered diverse reputations for themselves. Some are known for hardcore ravers. Others are preferred by the rich. Some are more mellow alternatives.

So where does your tribe gather to party unabashedly? Grab your drinks (and possibly your earplugs?), and let’s dive in.

Monte Carlo: For The Rich and Famous

Monte Carlo is the synonym of wealth, and its party scene is no different. With a heavy casino-based nightlife, expect gowns and suits, as this is not a place to rock up in flip-flops and beachwear. After all, you’re dressing up to see and be seen.

Image courtesy of Emilio Georgiou

Tulum: Best Suited for Beach Bums

With a reputation for messy nights and sunny memories, Tulum has the wildest partygoers covered. This place isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s where the true party animals roam – and consequently gets a bit messy. Think music events that last until the sun peeks out, and then some.

Kavos: Best Suited for First-Time Partygoers

New to the whole party scene? Kavos is your training ground. Nestled on the Greek island of Corfu, it’s like the kiddie pool of party destinations – perfect for first-timers. With epic pool parties and a vibe that’s vibrant yet intimate, it’s where you dip your toes into the party ocean, without drowning in it.

Dubai: Best Suited for VIP-Style Party Enthusiasts

Want to find party destinations and still look fabulous for your Instagram followers? Dubai is your runway. Beautiful beaches, big events, and interesting people – it’s like partying in paradise, but make it VIP. This is where you learn to strut.

Image courtesy of Charles Asselin

Ibiza: Best Suited for High-Budget Party Connoisseurs

Ah, Ibiza. The big league. This iconic island is a mosaic of diverse party experiences. It’s where the big names drop beats and your bank account drops numbers. If you’ve got a taste for the eclectic and a wallet to match, Ibiza’s waiting.

Copacabana Beach: Best Suited for Beach Party Aficionados

Heading to Brazil? Prepare for the ultimate beach party at Copacabana. Think loud music, hustle, bustle, and a crowd that’s there to see and be seen. It’s a blend of beautiful people, samba beats, and celebrations that make New Year’s Eve look like a quiet dinner party, at best.

Amsterdam: Best Suited for Relaxed Party Enthusiasts

Prefer a more chilled-out vibe? Amsterdam’s got you. It’s relaxed compared to other party hubs, with an array of dance clubs, bars, and the infamous Red Light District.

Image courtesy of Max Titov

South Beach, Miami: Best Suited for All-Year-Round Party Seekers

Seeking a party that’s hot year-round? South Beach in Miami is where the temperature and the parties are always sizzling. With exclusive clubs and music festivals, this is where you party with the rich and famous – just make sure your credit limit is up to the challenge​​.

Las Vegas: Best Suited for Wild Pool Party Fans

No party destination list is complete without Sin City. Las Vegas is the emperor of wild pool parties. Think endless nights of dancing, luxurious pools, and, of course, a bit of gambling if you’re feeling lucky​​.

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