An Art Lover’s Guide to the City of Naples
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An Art Lover’s Guide to the City of Naples

November 7, 2022 Share

Exploring the food, art and hotels of one of Italy’s best kept secrets; the contemporary art scene of the city of Naples.

Birthplace of the thick-crust-but-fine-dough pizza, fashion designer Emilio Pucci and the limoncello, Naples is often overlooked in favour of other great Italian cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice. Let’s state the perhaps not so obvious here: this is a great shame. With rich culture, spectacular cuisine and a thrilling modern art scene, Naples oughts to be more than an overnight stop en route to the Amalfi coast…here’s why.

Image courtesy of Romeo Hotel

There’s Lots of REALLY Good Art Galleries

Galería Madre

This is the hotspot for Italian contemporary art in Naples, if not the whole of Italy. Exhibiting big household names such as Richard Serra of Jeff Koons, Galería Madre currently has a plethora of thought-provoking exhibitions around themes such as global warming, fascism, dance or archeology.

Lago Baracche Art Space

This covert gallery, which was initially a network of tunnels constructed as a bunker during World War II, is tucked away beneath the Spanish Quarter’s winding alleyways. Featuring a rotating collection of insightful and thought-provoking pieces, the place is ran by artists themselves – making it all the more interesting to visit.

Palazzo delle Arti Napoli

Nestled inside a historic pink building, Palazzo Delle Art Napoli hosts works from a variety of disciplines, such as culture, photography, design, movies, comics and modern architecture.

There’s The Perfect Art-Lover’s Hotel to Stay At

Image courtesy of Romeo Hotel
Image courtesy of Romeo Hotel

Naples may have a myriad of awesome places to stay, but very few beat the Romeo Hotel when it comes to finding a stay for you art enthusiasts out there. Designed by the notorious Japanese architects at Kenzo Tange & Associates, Romeo crafts elegant ebony pieces with modern interior design. The combination is a hotel of contrasts, mixing old and contemporary in a place with privileged views of Mount Vesuvius. But the real star of the show is the hotel’s art collection. Dotted throughout, it includes a very complete range of mediums; from photography to contemporary art, to antiques or even collector items by Hermès, Andrée Putman, and J.L. Coquet.

You Won’t be Short of Good Places to Eat

Il Comandante

Image courtesy of Romeo Hotel

The restaurant of il Comandante is undergoing some renovations, and when this place has already been awarded a Michelin star you know whatever is coming next will be good. Crafted by Chef Salvatore Bianco, this place is self described as “a multi-sensorial experience, a perfect synthesis of fascinating gastronomic rituals and incomparable service.”

The Wine Experience

Image courtesy of Romeo Hotel

Not so much a restaurant but more of a bodega, the Wine Experience boasts of more than 1000 wine labels, displayed in in a mesmerising cellar of Italian and international finds. Not only is this one of the most impressive wine cellars you’ll come across, but also an excellent place to delight in some lesser-known vineyards that support the local economy.

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