All The (Unusual)Places Adam Sandler Has Been Spotted in London This April
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All The (Unusual)Places Adam Sandler Has Been Spotted in London This April

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Is it really Adam Sandler playing basketball in London? Read about all the unlikely places the actor has been spotted at in the capital.

The internet’s a wild place, but even it can’t make people stop questioning the strange. And let’s just say, Adam Sandler ballin’ at Kingston Leisure Centre is definitely strange. No wonder the viral video had everyone scratching their heads.

Whilst we have grown accustomed to seeing celebrities post intimate details about their life on social media, it is rare to spot a celebrity “hanging out” with locals in very niche spots. Especially a celebrity of Adam Sandler’s calibre. Having just been ranked by Forbes as Hollywood’s highest paying actor, Sandler holds onto an impressive number of blockbusters under his belt.

So what is the ever-so-famous actor up to in London?

Adam At Kingston Leisure Centre

Adam’s first sighting had people questioning everything. Featured in a blurry video by a relatively unknown TikTok user, most people at this point took Sandler for a lookalike. After all, what would the actor be doing in London’s Zone 6?

Adam Sandler in Clapham


Adam Sandler playing basketball at Clapham Common! 🙌🇬🇧🏀 #adamsandler 🎥 CakePint on X

♬ original sound – Hoopsfix

Either the Grown Ups actor is touring London in a rather manic search of a good basketball spot, or this is a clever marketing campaign. Making his way to Clapham, the actor was also featured throwing some hoops in slightly more central South West London.

Adam Outside Claridges

Image courtesy of Metro UK

This time without a ball and a hoop, Sandler was also caught by a fan in Mayfair, slumped against the wall in Claridges. Shadowed by two bodyguards, the actor sported a North-face jacket and was, allegedly, “taking a moment to himself”.

Adam at Stamford Bridge

Spotted alongside his wife Jackie, Sandler was featured cheering on Chelsea against Newcastle in a game last month. This isn’t the actor’s first rodeo with British football, as he has been photographed at Chelsea games in the past.

Adam Sandler at a Madison Beer Concert

This one is admittedly odd. At least until you realise Adam Sandler has two daughters, ages 15 and 17 respectively, who were featured alongside him.

Why is Adam Sandler in London?

Funnily enough, no-one knows. Whilst some claim Adam is often spotted at basketball courts in New York during his visits (making his appearances in Kingston and Clapham ever so slightly less bizarre), being spotted in London for an extended period of time is certainly unusual.

A marketing ploy perhaps?

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