Akub London: A  Gastronomic Trip Through Palestinian Flavours
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Akub London: A Gastronomic Trip Through Palestinian Flavours

October 24, 2023 Share

Exploring Palestinian Cuisine in London’s Notting Hill.

Tucked away on a quirky Notting Hill street dotted with colourful mews, Akub isn’t your run-of-the-mill dining spot, but a sanctuary place to explore the culinary landscape of Palestine.

Image courtesy of Akub.London
Image courtesy of Akub.London

Palestinian Essence

Forget the white tablecloths and stuffy atmosphere – at Akub, they’re breaking the mold. You won’t find any pretentious fanfare here, just a warm welcome to Palestinian hospitality. You’ll cozy up to a tawla, set in a space that is sublime in its minimalist yet highly curated design. From the crockery to the tableware, everything at Akub is carefully considered, reflected in its earthy colour palette and richness that has transformed this locale, in the heart of London, into a high-end Palestinian eatery.

Palestine isn’t your typical culinary destination, and Akub celebrates it unapologetically. The food tells stories of coastal breezes, Mediterranean terroir, and desert wizardry. It’s a rebellious mix of flavors and fragrances that doesn’t follow the rulebook. Consequently, diners are surprised with dishes they might have never heard of, savouring specialties they might have elsewhere never come across.

Image courtesy of Akub.London
Image courtesy of Akub.London

Chef Fadi Kattan: The Culinary Maverick

At the heart of Akub’s culinary marvels is Chef Fadi Kattan, a Franco-Palestinian maestro in the kitchen who transforms traditional Palestinian dishes with a modern twist. His creations pay homage to Palestine’s finest produce (olives, figs, dates, nuts and grains) while preserving the essence of their fragrance and flavour.

Chef Fadi Kattan has solidly carved his name as a true authority and devoted ambassador for the vibrant world of contemporary Palestinian cuisine. His ingenious approach, which artfully melds the authentic flavors of Palestine with cutting-edge culinary techniques, serves to catapult the dining experience at Akub to unparalleled heights. With each plate gracing the menu, he offers a heartfelt testament to his unwavering passion and relentless dedication in highlighting the exquisite tapestry of Palestinian gastronomy.

Palestinian Cuisine in London

Whilst we highlight Akub as being one of the best Palestinian restaurants in the British Capital, many places dot the city in Palestinian “Mansaf” and “Musakhan”. Although not tried and tested, here are a few others you can check out.

Akub is located at 27 Uxbridge St, London W8 7TQ

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