5 reasons to visit Austria
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5 reasons to visit Austria

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Austria, a European gem known for its rich culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes.

Europe is made up of so many beautiful countries, each with a unique culture and history. Austria is considered a gem among them and for good reason. 

Austria uses the Euro as its currency, which makes it a perfect place to stop if you are doing a wider European tour. You will be greeted by friendly locals and stunning architecture and scenery. If you have been considering visiting this amazing country, then read on to be persuaded!

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1. Winter Sports

Perhaps one of the biggest draws for visitors to Austria is the amazing winter sports it offers. Surrounded by the Alps, skiers will be in heaven. Many people visit Austria solely for ski holidays. You may think of France and Switzerland for skiing but Austria has as much to offer for a fraction of the price. 

If you like incredible views whilst you are zipping down the slopes then head to Alpbach. Whilst Saltzberg and Innsbruck are the most popular destinations, Alpbach is a beautiful option that is a bit quieter.  

2. Beautiful cities

Vienna has been named the world’s most liveable city a number of times in the past decade. One of the most striking things about Vienna is the architecture that is on every street. Vienna’s innermost district, the Innere Stadt, contains the most iconic buildings. 

St Stephen’s Cathedral is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. The building’s history is a dramatic one and that has been reflected in various rebuilt and repaired sections. 

Another well-photographed landmark is City Hall. This showcases the city’s Baroque and Renaissance heritage. You cannot miss the building as its central tower reaches a dizzying height of 98 metres. 

3. Stunning scenery and villages

As well as stunning alpine views, the more remote villages look as though they have been plucked out of a fantasy novel. In the winter months, the warm orange glow of the windows helps to create a magical feeling. 

If you want to visit somewhere quieter and off the beaten track, head to Hallstatt. Rumoured to have been an inspiration for the Disney epic Frozen, Hallstatt has been replicated almost exactly in China too! As you wander through the small streets, you may be reminded of gingerbread houses which is especially magical in the winter months. 

4. Arts and Culture

Austria is known worldwide for its connections with Classical music. The birthplace of Mozart, Haydn and Liszt, Austria is home to some stunning concert halls. If you are in one of the larger cities when a concert is playing, then be sure to snap up a ticket. 

Austrian folk music and yodelling are still heard across Austria today, though you may have to travel to the mountains to get the full effect. 

Austria has also produced a large number of poets and novelists. Perhaps one of the most famous is Stefan Zweig whose books in the 1930s have been translated into over 30 different languages. 

5. Food, glorious food

No trip to Austria would be complete without a little bit of overindulgence. A hearty dinner of Weiner Schnitzel is the perfect way to end a day of exploring. If you have a sweet tooth then Apfelstrudel will make you go weak at the knees. 

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